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Chiayi City as a Happy City Won 4 Awards on “2020 Taiwan Healthy Cities and Age-friendly Cities”

  • PostDate:2020-12-10

December 8, 2020

Public Health Bureau / Police Bureau / Civil Affairs Department / Mortuary Service Office / Tourism and Information Department


        Chiayi City stood out among other administrative regions in Taiwan on “2020 Taiwan Healthy Cities and Age-friendly Cities”. Chiayi City won 4 prizes awarded by Health Promotion Administration: “City Ally Award” and “Resilience and Innovation Award” in the healthy city awards; “Innovation Award” and “Poster Award” in the age-friendly awards. The Police Bureau and Mortuary Service Office of Chiayi City are the only related units in Taiwan that won the awards. The units that won the awards including Police Bureau, Public Health Bureau and Mortuary Service Office transferred the trophies to the city mayor Ming-hui Huang today.

        Huang claims that the quality of being a place suitable for people of different generations to live in is what makes a healthy and age-friendly city. The effort Chiayi City Government has made has earned recognition again. Chiayi City not only tops other places but also keeps improving. “Being the 1st place of happy cities is not only a glory but the motivation that gets the City Government to be better and strive for the happiness of the citizens.

        According to Public Health Bureau, the City Government faced the outbreak of the pandemic by utilizing innovative technologies and provided multiple convenient services. It also dedicates to participating in national competitions that evaluate city management. Chiayi City sent 22 entries to “2020 Taiwan Healthy Cities and Age-friendly Cities”, and 4 of them won the awards out of 464 entries of the whole nation after three stages of evaluation.

        One of the deputy ministers of Ministry of Health and Welfare Chung-Liang Shih and the director-general of Health Promotion Administration Ying-Wei Wang as presenters, the awarding ceremony of “2020 Taiwan Healthy Cities and Age-friendly Cities” was held in Taipei on November 27. Executive Officer Jian-hong Lin as the lead, Deputy Director-General of Police Bureau Ming-he Zhang, Director-General of Mortuary Service Office Chun-lin Lu, and Chief of Public Health Bureau Feng-yu Wang accepted the awards on behalf of Chiayi City. The awards are:


  1. “City Ally Award” to Mortuary Service Office – working with professionals, local neighborhoods, funeral industries, and different departments of the City Government to help families have decent funerals for their losing members.
  2. “Resilience and Innovation Award” to Police Bureau – coming up with three main strategies to fulfill their duties during the pandemic by utilizing technologies.
  3. “Poster Award” to Police Bureau – holding an event for families to build up the correct knowledge and conceptions of traffic rules.
  4. “Innovation Award” to Public Health Bureau – releasing up to 9 service systems concerning on issues such as aging and dementia.


The City Government will keep working on providing a better service to the