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Concert Band Rocking Bar – Chiayi City International Band Festival 2020 from Dec. 18 to Jan.3

  • PostDate:2020-12-14

Concert Band Rocking Bar – Chiayi City International Band Festival 2020 from December 18 to January 3

Mayor Ming-hui Huang: People Are Welcome to Enjoy the Music Feast of the Band Festival


December 9, 2020

Cultural Affairs Bureau / Tourism and Information Department


        The annual event of Chiayi City – Chiayi City International Band Festival is going to kick off on December 18 and last until January 3. The band festival this year will bring a whole new arrangement for the shows and activities. “Concert Band Rocking Bar” as the topic, the festival will challenge people’s impressions on traditional wind orchestras by organizing performances of different music areas. Chiayi City mayor Ming-hui Huang, professor of Department of Music in NTNU Shu-han Ye, art director Xue-li Xia, executive director of Taiwan Marching Band Association Canon Huang and professor in TNNUA Wei-lung Li gathered in the lobby of the City Hall today to see the performances by gifted students of music program in Chiayi Senior High School, TLBE Brass, and Davies Great Huang (a musical actor) and encouraged people to attend the band festival.

        “The whole city is a concert hall,” says Huang. Chiayi City Youth Orchestra will be in charge of the opening concert on the night of December 18. Many of its members have been the top threes in national music contests. The bands parade will kick off around the Central Fountain at 2PM on December 19, and there will be 54 bands participating. On the same day, the crossover show “Stadium Rock” will take place in Chiayi City Municipal Stadium at 6PM. People will be able to see performances by wind orchestras, marching bands, rock bands, hip-hop singers and dance crews during the two hours.

        Huang states that Chiayi City still holds the band festival to cheer people up even though many art festivals have been cancelled due to the pandemic this year. She urges participants to wear masks and wash hands often, and wants them to enjoy the music still. Attending the Chiayi City Band Festival is now an honor for oversea bands. It’s rather unfortunate that foreign bands aren’t able to attend this year, but people will still be able to see the amazing performances online.

        Professor Xia quotes what Professor Yes has said: “Seeing the band of Chiayi Senior High School makes me feel how much better they are than bands in the north.” The end of the festival isn’t actually the end. The music will linger around Taiwan, even to the whole world. The festival shows how strong Chiayi City is after witnessing the art festivals in France, Switzerland, Austria and the US getting cancelled due to the pandemic.

        Professor Ye believes the festival has a good remarkable impact on music education, especially on the gifted student of music. Those students will get into colleges majoring music and probably perform in the first section of the band in National Concert Hall. It’s been nearly 30 years since the first band festival and the festival still stands out nowadays.

        There will be 13 indoor concerts for the festival this year. Alexander Nyankin, a Russian composer, made a music piece adapted from The Planets by Gustav Holst and the piece will hit the stage on December 26. Fusao Kajima, Japanese born American, as the conductor, the piece will be played by a traditional Chinese band and a wind orchestra. The first play for the festival “Dmitri Shostakovich and I - Murder of Tuba” will hit the stage at Chiayi City Concert Hall on January 1. The play is the work of Weiwuying drama consultant Yi-wei Geng, director of Antinomy Company Yun Li, and TLBE Brass.

        Chiayi City International Band Festival 2020 lasts 15 days from December 18 to January 3. Participants are required to wear masks during the whole event. Name registration and temperature taking are required before entering enclosed areas such as stadiums and concert halls. Those whose temperature is above 37.5℃ aren’t allowed to enter. For more information, please go to the Facebook page of Chiayi City International Band Festival (