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Completion of the Heart of the City: A 12 Meters Tall Grass Sliding Hill and a Giant Slide

  • PostDate:2020-12-15

Completion of the Heart of the City: A 12 Meters Tall Grass Sliding Hill and a Giant Slide as a New Place to go for Leisure Time in Chiayi City


December 12, 2020

Tourism and Information Department


        The first grass sliding hill and the Starlight Giant Slide in Chiayi City are officially open today. Both of them are 4 meters tall and over 12 meters wide and will be somewhere to go for leisure time. After hosting the inauguration, Mayor Ming-hui Huang had fun grass-sliding with others there. The place is much more than simply a hill for sliding. There’s a system for flood prevention and water storage, which can accommodate up to 800 tons of surface runoff water to reduce the chance of puddles forming efficiently.

        Huang says that good things keep happening in December such as Chiayi City placed first in happy cities of Taiwan and chosen as the baseball training home of Fubon Guardians for the minor league. This grass-sliding hill is a gift for the citizens before Christmas.

        Huang felt slightly nervous while grass-sliding after the inauguration with the guests. “I feel young again,” she laughed afterwards. Children there couldn’t wait to play around on the hill. Huang urges to cherish this place for children and to follow the rules while playing.

        Tourism and Information Department brings up the regulations to follow before use. The hill is closed at 10PM, and not allowed for kids under 5. Children between 5 and 12 must be accompanied by parents.

        Chiayi City is a beautiful city for leisure time. With the foundation of economy and tourism, more and more will fall in love with Chiayi City. Sidewalks are an essential criterion for a city. They allow the citizens and visitors to have a leisure walk and to discover the beauty of the city. Optimizing public areas is the priority; thus, the renovation for sidewalks, parking lots, landscapes and playgrounds will be started.

        The City Government has received the subsidy of 160.5 million dollars from Executive Yuan for regional development. The main construction includes: the reorganization of the flow at the front square of the baseball stadium and in parking lots, and building up the underground facility for the storage of 800 tons of water to prevent floods.

        A water fountain will be built by the statues of “7 Tigers across Tzulo” in front of the baseball stadium. The amphitheater at the square has turned into a hill for grass sliding, and the area covers around 495 square meters. It’s the first grass sliding hill in Chiayi City covered in artificial turf. It’ll be a new place to go for leisure time.