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Following the Traditions and Praying with Millet Wine, “Malji Malji Joint Celebration

  • PostDate:2020-12-16

Following the Traditions and Praying with Millet Wine, “Malji Malji Joint Celebration of Harvest Festivals” Featuring Paiwan People Took Place in Chiayi City


December 13, 2020

Civil Affairs Department / Tourism and Information Department


        The “Malji Malji Joint Celebration of Harvest Festivals 2020” for indigenous peoples living in Chiayi City kicked off at the parking lot of the Chiayi City Municipal Baseball Stadium today. The celebration this year featured Paiwan people as well as the music, dance and millet wine. Following the traditions, Ming-hui Huang entered the venue in a vest and with a wreath on her head. She then chugged the millet wine and danced with people there.

        Huang pointed out during the event that she was grateful for the help of Yu-feng Xue, the president of Association of Indigenous Peoples in Chiayi City. In her opinion, the performance of the warriors from Taiwu, Pingtung was incredibly amazing. The commitment everyone made contributed to the success of the celebration. Huang also revealed that there were only approximately 1,100 indigenous people registered in Chiayi City, yet she found their teamwork remarkable. The City Government holds the joint celebration for harvest festivals every year in order to help the citizens learn more about the traditions of the indigenous peoples, and the event this year which featured the ceremonies of Paiwan people enabled the indigenous peoples in Chiayi City to gather together. Diversity and understanding of differences make Chiayi City a happy place.

        The main focus of the event this year is the ceremony of Paiwan people. The warriors of Paiwan people divided into two lines raised the bronze blades in their hands to welcome the mayor in a traditional vest and with a wreath on hear head. Jia-en Kong, the young leader of the tribe in Taiwu, then guided the mayor and the other guests to face the Central Mountain Range and to read the old prayer of Paiwan people in their language. Afterwards, he handed a blessed glass of millet wine for the mayor to drink, which symbolizes the end of the ceremony.

Malji Malji means “thank you” in the Paiwan language. Paiwan elements could be found in the event such as pottery, bronze blades, liuli glass, and millets. A swing was also built up at the center of the venue according to the Paiwan tradition of gathering. There was an indigenous fair around the venue selling tasty food. There were also performances of the traditional dances and ballads on the stage. The organizer hosted a small competition and a trivia with prizes on the culture. People kept taking photos and uploading them for the free souvenirs.