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Monthly Giveaways of 5,000-dollar Coupons for the YouBike 2.0 First Running in Chiayi City

  • PostDate:2020-12-18

December 15, 2020

Transportation Department / Tourism and Information Department


        YouBike 2.0 in Chiayi City has started running at noon today. There are now 40 rental sites and 270 bikes available now. The rental is free for the first 30-minute ride until March 31, 2021. The City Government even releases monthly giveaways for 5,000-dollar coupons and different prizes. Ming-hui Huang the mayor officially announced the arrival of YouBike 2.0 in Chiayi City by biking around the Vision Station with other guests at the front square of the Chiayi Station during the inauguration. The rest rental sites are expected to finish by April next year. There will be at least 50 rental sites and 750 bikes available. YouBike Chairman Jin-biao Liu, CEO Li-chu Liu, General Manager You-ren Ho, city councilors, chiefs of villages, and directors of each department witnessed the moment together.

        “The most priceless thing to do is to make a brand valuable by making an extra effort on the final part of a plan,” Huang states. The public bike-sharing system in Chiayi City has finally started running. She thanks Chairman Liu and his crew for making Chiayi City more fashionable and happier, and the City Council for the budget approval. Besides the low-floor electric bus, people in Chiayi City have one more choice for the transportation. Hopefully, more rental sites will be added and YouBike 2.0 will be part of our everyday life to help Chiayi City be intelligent, generous, and eco-friendly. Huang also called for the participation of people in the bands parade of Chiayi City International Band Festival to enjoy music.

        Dong reveals the features of YouBike keep getting more and better. The bike-sharing system reflects the intelligence of a city, and YouBike can make a city friendlier. He also suggests to add more rental sites in favor of convenience.

        Mr. Chen from Tianzhong, Changhua had been waiting for the inauguration at the Chiayi Station since 8AM, and he immediately rented a bike for his small trip in the East Market at noon. He comes to Chiayi City almost every week and now he thinks having YouBike is much more convenient than renting a scooter because he needs to go to the gas station when he runs out of gas. Seeing YouBike 2.0 after stepping out of the Chiayi Station made Mr. Feng from Taipei quite surprised. He finds YouBike convenient for short-distance travel, and Chiayi City is perfect for biking. He claims that he’ll travel in Chiayi City by bike instead of scooter.

        According to Transportation Department, YouBike releases monthly giveaways for promotion. Every 5 times of renting YouBike will get you a raffle ticket. The prizes include 3 5,000-dollar coupons, 30 500-dollar coupons and 100 YouBike 2.0 special iPass cards every month.

        Moreover, Transportation Department and YouBike together hold an online event for people to get YouBike merch. Those who upload pictures of themselves with YouBike they rent and tag two friends by “# YouBike 2.0抵嘉啦!” to “YouBike Chiayi” on Facebook will have chance to win the merch. Du-ye, a poet, wrote a poem for YouBike2.0 in Chiayi City. With the title “YouBike Dream”, the poem reads “Each planet has a dream, each country has a dream, each city in Taiwan has a dream, each Chiayi citizen has a dream, and each YouBike pursues their dreams.”

        Transportation Department reminds that rental sites of YouBike are for parking YouBike alone and the regulation will be valid from December 15. Vehicles other than YouBike parked in rental sites will be removed. People can download the app for YouBike 2.0 ( to register and look up for rental sites. Each individual can register with up to 5 e-tickets. The renting is also available on cellphones bound with credit cards.