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Press Conference for Huang’s 2 Years in Office

  • PostDate:2020-12-23

Press Conference for Huang’s 2 Years in Office
“Chiayi City Is a Happy City for People of Different Generations to Live in,” Says Mayor Ming-hui Huang


December 21, 2020

Tourism and Information Department


        The mayor of Chiayi City Ming-hui Huang along with the directors of the different department of the City Government held a press conference for her two year in office this morning. The chiefs of villages and councilors were all invited to attend the conference to hear Huang share her thoughts of her position as a mayor for these 2 years. Huang stated that comprehensive construction and the cooperation between the citizens and the government allowed Chiayi City to face the challenge of the pandemic and to keep moving forward. Chiayi City is aimed to be the new center of the west and a happy city for all generations to live in.

        Huang appreciates the support of the citizens. The glory of being ranked 1st of happy cities belongs to the whole citizens. “Chiayi City is a happy place people of all generations like and would love to stay,” Huang said.

        The 10 minutes long video during the press conference today showed the future plans and the highlights of the policies of Huang and her executive team. The light in the beginning of the video implies invisible powers around the city to get Chiayi City to keep improving. Then, the video presented the review on the innovative policies for tourism, transportation, culture, education, young people, and health. The review also included the railway elevation, renovations of different areas, aesthetic design for the city, start-up industries, and social service. The well-designed backdrop for the press conference also demonstrated the joint goal and the highlights of the policies.

        Huang mentioned in her speech that she held gratitude towards everything. An emergency command center was established on January 24 right after the outbreak of COVID-19. The well-prepared resources and precautionary measures enabled the citizens to get back to normal life. This year, the household disposable income of Chiayi City is ranked 3rd among the administrative districts apart from the 6 special municipalities. The profit-seeking enterprise annual income this year tops the previous years. Big events were held this year such as the annular eclipse, Science 168, Shopping Festival, the Beishianhu Light Show, the travelling subsidy program, the opening of the Art Museum, the baseball stadium designated as the training home for Fubon Guardians, and the International Band Festival. Chiayi City is also ranked 1st for healthy cities among regions apart from the 6 special municipalities and for happy cities.

        Huang stressed that Chiayi City values education. Every class at school in Chiayi City has air-conditioners and native English teachers are assigned to each school. There are special lectures and the Youth Festival for young people to pursue their dreams. Parks were renovated and turned into public areas for people to spend leisure time. A few policies were executed in response to the aging society. The electric buses and YouBike 2.0 made the transportation more convenient while being eco-friendly. The hotline 1999 for civic service was reinitiated in order to solve problems more efficiently. The drainage system is also bettered to prevent flood happening.

        Huang also announced that Chiayi City will host the 2021 Taiwan. It’ll be the first one in Yun-Chia-Nan area and a milestone for Chiayi City. It will get City Government to discuss with the citizens over the city management to make Chiayi City improve. The industries in Chiayi City will thus be worldwide advertised.