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Chiayi City’s 2021 New Year’s Day Flag-raising Ceremony

  • PostDate:2021-01-15

Chiayi City’s 2021 New Year’s Day Flag-raising Ceremony Gather’s People’s Hearts to Move On. Huang As Well As the City Government Attended to Thank the Citizens.


Civil Affairs Department / Tourism and Information Department

January 1, 2021


        Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the flag-raising ceremony for the New Year’s Day which took place at the front square of the Chiayi City Hall at 7AM was limited only to the relevant groups. The hiking activity was also canceled in favor of the health of the citizens. The groups that participated were the mayor Ming-hui Huang, the directors of each department of the City Government, and the scout that marched into the venue with the flag.

        Huang stated that she didn’t anticipate the outbreak of the pandemic right after the Chinese New Year in 2020 when she welcomed the year 2020 with expectations. COVID-19 has made the life of people in Taiwan and around the world in chaos, yet it urged people to stick together to move on.

        Flashing back 2020, Huang found it special and abnormal. It’s the first time that people weren’t allowed to go to the new year countdown and the flag-raising ceremony on the New Year’s Day. It’s a shame that people weren’t allowed to gather and participate the events because of the pandemic even though Huang really wanted them to. The pandemic keeps people distanced from each other while makes our hearts closer to each other. Thanks to the citizens’ understanding of the pandemic precautions and the support, Chiayi City successfully completed the safe and heart-warming new year countdown.

        Despite the tough moment during the pandemic, Chiayi City is still ranked the 1st in happy cities of Taiwan 2020. The glory belongs to every single citizen. It was sincerely wonderful to have you in 2020 and it’ll be even more wonderful to have you in 2021. Let’s bring blessings and wishes to our nation through the flag-raising ceremony and face the brand-new year 2021.

        In favor of people’s health, the flag-raising ceremony was limited to some certain groups. The solemn ceremony started by the scout marching into the venue with the national flag. Huang then led the crew of the City Government to sing the national anthem and the flag anthem. Huang also thanked the scout for being polite, energetic and orderly to make the first day of 2021 full of joy.