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“Child and Rice”: A Lesson in Chiayi City Beiyuan Elementary School

  • PostDate:2021-01-26

“Child and Rice”: A Lesson in Chiayi City Beiyuan Elementary School that Teaches Rice Seedlings Transplantation

January 18, 2021

Education Department / Tourism and Information Department

        The practical lesson “Child and Rice” for transplanting rice seedlings took place in Chiayi City Beiyuan Elementary School today. With the instructions od the school teachers, students from the 4th grade to the 6th grade worked together to transplant rice seedlings on the one-acre field in school. After listening to the instructions, Mayor Ming-hui Huang and other guests also experienced the lesson with the students and visited the chicken coop. They had a wonderful morning learning with the students.

        Huang mentioned a poem about transplanting rice seedlings, and the translation goes: “In the field we hold seedlings to plant, looking down and see the sky reflected on water; keeping six senses clear is the way towards enlightenment and going backwards is to move forward.” Beiyuan Elementary School prepared the lesson today by combining the features of its neighborhood, which is located in an agricultural area in the northwest of Chiayi City. Huang felt quite touched by the school having the students experience the resources in the neighborhood. The students learned not only how to transplant rice seedlings but to cherish our land under the cold wave which struck today. The praying during the lesson was to show gratitude towards nature with respect. One has to go backwards while transplanting rice seedlings, and the line from the poem “going backwards is to move forward” is the philosophy of life.

        Huang says to teach students to be grateful with a lesson like this is exactly the spirit of education. The water recycling center next to Beiyuan Elementary School made the students understand that it’s a necessary facility of a civilized and developed city. They’d cherish the environment even more after learning about it. We hope the kids hold the concept of sustainable development to make a better future.

        According to the Principal of Beiyuan Elementary School Chang-ying Wu, the rice field in school was built in 2017 and students used to learn rice farming outside of school before that. The rice field in school allows students to plant rice and to observe how it grows. We’d know not to cherish our food after actually being a rice farmer. The practical lesson today is to teach that we should cherish any kind of resources and to make the environment on the Earth better by following sustainable development.

        According to Education Department, Beiyuan Elementary School is a small yet wonderful school that has unique lessons by combining local industries and resources. The rice farming lesson today was made to practice the curriculum. Aside from that, there were also a lecture on rice by the 4-H Club of Chiayi City Farmers’ Association and the other lesson on domestic wastewater by Chiayi City Water Recycling Center. The lesson and lectures were all arranged to help students learn more about the environment they live in and the local industries.