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The 1st Youth Camp Kicks Off Today, Hoping Young People to Resolve Issues in the City

  • PostDate:2021-01-26

January 20, 2021

Intelligence Technologies Department / Tourism and Information Department


        The first “Youth Camp” held in the City Hall by Chiayi City lasts 3 days from today. The camp is scheduled in the mode which allows the young people to do what the city asks them to do. It is open for those between 17 and 25 who are registered, studying or living in the Yun-Chia-Nan area to apply as long as they’re passionate about social innovation, participating in public affairs and solving social issues. There were 330 people who signing in within 3 weeks and 116 out of them were qualified. The camp covers a number of activities that include speeches and lessons for planning. Participants who complete the tasks will have the priority to receive the sponsorship and the qualification for the E.SUN Competition.

        “Getting young people to have something to do makes Chiayi also have something to do.” Mayor Ming-hui Huang claimed in the opening ceremony that Chiayi City has an ancient spirit, the power of innovation, and young people who are diligent even though it’s an old city. Chiayi City values education and thus provides a platform for young people to exchange opinions and ideas. As a companion, the City Government arranges lectures given by outstanding experts for this 3-day event to offer resources and help young for people in need. Local young people would hence gather together to make Chiayi City a different place with their creativities. Due to the pandemic that has worsened, Huang has guaranteed that the City Government has taken strict precautions and done the risk evaluation for the Youth Camp. She wishes the 3-day event would be the best chance for people to exchange and learn.

        The City Government had numerous discussions with related units, neighborhoods and NGOs to collect issues to be resolved in the city beforehand for the Youth Camp. The topics cover 4 areas: healthy environment, the care for society, education and culture, and starting up local business. The issues that are included are: popularization of outdoor exercise facilities, publicization of sex education, relieves from depression, the way for elementary school students to lose weight and stay healthy, social adaptation, and self-reliance.

        “The young people do what the city asks them to do, and this is for real,” said Xuan-zhi Guo, the director of Intelligence Technologies Department. He anticipates the young participants can take actions by applying what they learn in the camp and come up with new ideas to resolve the issues in the city. He reveals that the female participants are twice the number of male participants and the 116 participants are from 28 different schools that include high schools, universities and graduate schools and there are even some who are working. The camp aims to make young people able to have positive influence and to change the world.

        From the 1st Yongqixue Camp, Youth Festival, Youth Action-taking Competition, to the 2nd Yongqixue Camp, Chiayi City Government has arranged lectures since 2020 for young people to come up with solutions to different issues and to help people in need. Young people can, therefore, develop the ability to innovate, to solve problems, and to influence the society positively.