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“A Fabulous Encounter of Art and Reading”

  • PostDate:2021-02-03

“A Fabulous Encounter of Art and Reading”
The Temporary Limited Branch of Eslite Bookstore in Chiayi Art Museum Provides Thousands of Varieties of Stationaries for You to Collect


January 27, 2021

Cultural Affairs Bureau / Tourism and Information Department


        With the design of old and new styles, the Chiayi Art Museum has turned into the new cultural landmark in Chiayi City for people to share online and has drawn numerous visitors since the last September. Eslite has opened its temporary limited branch in the museum today with the theme “The Fabulous Encounter of Art and Reading”. The shop invited the artist Siew-wai Leong who has been living in Chiayi City for years to create a wall painting of Chiayi for it; furthermore, it sells thousands of different stationaries designed by people with talents overseas. Eslite has also organized the themed exhibition “Exploration in Chiayi / Colors of Beauty” by utilizing aqua green and the 11 other colors that represent the art museum.

        Mayor Ming-hui Huang points out in the opening ceremony that Eslite has finally returned to the art museum after the 10 years long waiting of readers. The Chiayi Art Museum is now the spotlight people talk about within the nation, and the vibe of culture is significantly strong despite the lack of resources. Eslite is the proud of Taiwan. They dedicate to creating the best combination of local everyday life and art, and make people notice Chiayi Art Museum. Huang stresses that Chiayi City lacks discovery but beauty. Fashion is what people apply in life to make it better. The Eslite limited branch is the best access to reading, the art museum, and Chiayi City which is also known as the city of paintings. Huang even says that what annoys her the most about going to an Eslite store is the fact that she wants to take all the goods home because of how awesome they are. She then sends an invitation to everyone to visit Chiayi City for the atmosphere as the city of paintings.

        Xiao-ling Chang, the assistant president of Eslite, reveals that it was an extraordinary fate which made Eslite reach to Chiayi City. She met the director-general of the Chiayi City Cultural Affairs Bureau during the inauguration in the Pingtung Library last year, and then she got to know the CEO of Dao-yu-wei-lai Co., Ltd. Xin-zhi Ye, who should take the credit for the success of the branch store. She’ll hold themed book exhibitions along with the exhibitions in the art museum to make Eslite a dynamic bookstore.

        The theme “The Fabulous Encounter of Art and Reading” of the Eslite temporary limited branch in Chiayi Art Museum corresponds to the history of Chiayi City as the city of paintings and the features of the art museum. The good that catches everyone’s eye is the Art & Graphic KARLBOX designed by Karl Lagerfeld and Faber-Castell. It is made of black beech wood and rivets, 2500 pieces limited worldwide. There are 6 drawers and a layer on top which can accommodate 350 pieces of professional art tools.

        The branch store will also organize activities in response of the themes of the future exhibitions in the art museum. One of the recommended books, How to Make a Gallery, is a picture book which guides children to learn about stories of a gallery behind the scenes from a detailed and funny perspective. Leong the artist and Chang the assistant director each presented the books “Chiayi, Travel and Sketch” and “The Time of Eslite” to Huang the mayor during the event today.

        Eslite Bookstore has been building diverse places for people to read in recent years, and each of the limited branches has their own features. There are limited branches in Pingtung County Library, Breeze Atré, Kaohsiung Port Warehouse KW2, and Chiayi Art Museum. People who visit the Eslite branch in Chiayi Art Museum from now on can get an Eslite special edition Hey Song Sarsaparilla if they check in on social media. Shopping in the branch will get you a set of spring couplets by Grace Tong. Those who have the membership of Eslite will have a chance to win the Zuny leather-made animal bookends. The limited branch is open from 11AM to 9PM every Tuesday to Sunday. There’s a new year break on the Lunar New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. People are welcome to have a fabulous encounter with reading in Chiayi during free time.