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The Opening Exhibition of Chiayi Municipal Museum

  • PostDate:2021-02-04

The Opening Exhibition of Chiayi Municipal Museum, Unbox. Memories of Chiayi, Awakens People’s Wonderful Memories of Chiayi


February 2, 2021

Cultural Affairs Bureau / Tourism and Information Department


        The opening exhibition of Chiayi Municipal Museum, Unbox. Memories of Chiayi, displays the 296 items collected from the local last year. They are arranged to tell stories which connect the local’s memories to Chiayi so that feelings and recognitions for Chiayi can be aroused. The exhibition shows different everyday lives and street views of Chiayi in the 80s by starting with a story of a 3-generation family. It feels like traveling with a time machine while seeing those items from the Japanese rule to the 80s. Chiayi locals and vintage enthusiasts can’t miss this chance to visit the exhibition.

        The note at the entrance records important events in the history of Chiayi, such as the name Chiayi being granted by the Qianlong Emperor and KANO baseball team. People might have a delusion of being in someone else’s house at first once they enter the Chiayi Chest. They then would feel like being at home after seeing the arrangement of the study, the kitchen and the dining table. This special display section, a 3-generation household in the 80s, is set up by the host of the exhibition to symbolize the experiences and memories of every Chiayi local.

        Chiayi Time Machine is a section that displays items or shops of Chiayi, such as the East Market, old clinics, and old photo shops, to show the old time. People of older generations would be so delightful to see such a scene. At Good Time in Chiayi, you are able to listen to the melody recorded by the phonograph from the early Republican Era. There are also interactive games to test how well people know Chiayi during the exhibition. History can also sparkle with technology.

        The Cultural Affairs Bureau claims that Chiayi Municipal Museum plays the role as the spokesperson of the city and anticipates the museum to review the past, record the present, and lead people to the future for more stories in Chiayi.

        The duration of the exhibition, Unbox. Memories of Chiayi, is until June 30. Related activities and information can be found on the official website of Chiayi Municipal Museum ( The cover design of the 9th volume of the museum quarterly, Wandering in Peach City, is inspired by the items collected from the local. The volume gives detailed introduction of the opening exhibition and related activities. The hard copies are available in the Cultural Affairs Bureau and the service center of Chiayi Municipal Museum. To read the quarterlies online, please click the following link: