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More YouBike 2.0 Stations Before the New Year to Provide Transportation Services of High Quality

  • PostDate:2021-02-05

February 3, 2021

Transportation Department / Tourism and Information Department


        YouBike 2.0 in Chiayi City has gained a number of positive reviews since it was firstly initiated. In order to provide convenient public transportation during the coming New Year, the City Government has planned on increasing 36 more stations and 450 more bikes for rent and will be running them accordingly. 14 out of the 36 stations have started running today and the rest will be opened on February 5 and February 9. The number of the stations will keep growing until reaching 100.

        According to the data of YouBike, there are 100 thousand customers until now since the initiation on December 15, 2020. The daily average reaches up to 2,000 and the turnover rate is higher than YouBike in any other city but Taipei City. That shows the support of people to the bicycle sharing service and how the system completes the public transportation. The most used station is the one at the Chiayi Station and the stations at the Chiayi Brach of Bank of Taiwan and Chiayi City Government follow.

        According to Chiayi City Government, locations such as traffic nodes, schools and tourist attractions are the priority to set up the YouBike stations during the New Year. The locations include: the Chiayi Rear Station (Bo’ai Road), Lantan Musical Fountain, and Chiayi Art Museum. Stations at Shixian-Bade intersection and Shixian Library are on the newly built biking lane of Chiayi City for people to travel within the city by bike.

        The Transportation Department announces that the first 30-minute ride is free and the fee is paid by the City Government in order to encourage people to utilize green transports. The information about the stations in Chiayi City can be found on the “Ai+1” app or the website of YouBike 2.0 in Chiayi (