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The City Government Works on the Constant Disseminations

  • PostDate:2021-02-09

The City Government Works on the Constant Disseminations at Wenhua Road Night Market and the East Market


February 7, 2021

Economic Affairs Department / Tourism and Information Department


        In favor of people’s health, Chiayi City Government keeps disseminating to wear masks and wash hands at the East Market during the day time and at Wenhua Road Night Market during the night times in response to the wave of people returning and coming to Chiayi City during the New Year. According to the Economic Affairs Department, people in Chiayi have a good sense of social responsibility. Most people remember to wear masks and do it correctly; the rest who forget to do it immediately put masks on after being reminded.

        The Economic Affairs Department also reveals that almost every visitor and shop worker at Wenhua Road Night Market wears a mask. However, it appears that there are many taking off masks to eat while strolling. The Economic Affairs Department suggests people eat after grabbing a seat or enjoy the foods after bringing them home.

Wenhua Road Night Market has been rather crowded recently with the New Year around the corner. People started flooding into the night market at around 6 in the evening for dinner on Friday and Saturday. The staff of the City Government held signs at the Wenhua-Zhongzheng intersection and the Wenhua-Minzhu intersection at around 7PM to remind people to wear masks. They also provide masks for those who have forgotten.

        The dissemination at the East Market from last Friday will keep going until the end of February. Besides the signs held as reminders at some certain spots, sanitizer and masks are also provided for those who go shopping there. Economic Affairs Department stresses that wearing masks and washing hands are keys for the precaution. Make sure to do that if going out to protect people and yourself.