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2021 the Year of the Ox,Mayor Ming-hui Huang Visits Several Temples to Pray for Happiness

  • PostDate:2021-02-18

2021 the Year of the Ox, Mayor Ming-hui Huang Visits Several Temples to Pray for Happiness during the New Year's

February 12, 2021

Civil Affairs Department / Tourism and Information Department


Today is the New Year’s Day and the very first day of the Year of the Ox. Chiayi City Mayor Ming-hui Huang and her executive team headed to several temples to wish for the happiness of the citizens and the progress of Chiayi City.

        In the tradition, people have a supper for the family reunion on the New Year’s Eve. On the New Year’s Day, people visit friends and relatives and go to temples to pray for a safe year. In favor of the health of the citizens, Chiayi City Government has canceled the red envelope giveaway on the New Year’s Day due to the pandemic. However, the precautions for the New Year were all well prepared beforehand. Despite the giveaway getting canceled, Huang and her executive team still went to Youtian Temple, the Chiayi Chenghuang Temple and Jiuhuashan Dizang Temple to pray for Chiayi City and its future development.

        Seeing Huang coming by, people at the temples greeted her and Huang waved her hand to greet back. Huang says that her biggest wish is the citizens being healthy and wealthy.

        Huang also reminds people to avoid shaking hands, wear masks and wash hands. Chiayi City is rather crowded during the New Year, so people can download the “Ai+1” app to check available parking lots, YouBike stations, bus routes and timetables. The City Government also suggests not to litter or to set off firecrackers during the New Year’s in order to protect the environment and the Earth.

        Huang sincerely appreciates the precautions the temples implement for the pandemic. Not only the basic precautions, the temples also arrange a certain route for those who go and pray there to follow.