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Chiayi City Will Give Away 3,000 Rainbow Cow Lanterns for 3 Days from February 22

  • PostDate:2021-02-19

February 18, 2021

Civil Affairs Department / Tourism and Information Department


        The small 3-day vacation is coming after the New Year’s break, and the Lantern Festival (on February 26) is during the vacation. Chiayi City Mayor Ming-hui has announced that Chiayi City Government will have a lantern giveaway at Chiayi Wenhua Park at 4PM from February 22 to February 24. The design of the lanterns is a rainbow cow and they are limited to 1,000 pieces every day.

        According to Mei-feng Liu, the director of the Civil Affairs Department, there will be 3,000 lanterns in total and people will have to wear masks when they get in line for the lanterns. Those who don’t wear masks won’t be allowed to get the lanterns.

        Hui-zhen Chen, the chief of the Religion and Folk Custom Section, states that the lantern design of Chinese zodiac signs by Chiayi City Government is always popular in each year and there are even collectors of it. The rainbow cow lantern this year is designed by Jia-wei Lin, who is also known as the Queen of Lantern. She is the daughter of Jian-er Lin, the famous lantern artist, and she used to study in France. Different from the traditional design, her lanterns are adorable and favored by children. The lanterns she designed every year always surprises people because of her insistence of not to create tedious lanterns.

        The cow design is made up with simple lines and color white. It’s simple yet includes multiple colors in it. The big round eyes, the pink nose, the purposely enlarged head and the short legs make it look rather adorable. The legs are moveable, which enables people to draw attention by carrying it at night.

        The rainbow cow wears a red mask with the Chinese character “Fu (Fortune)” on it to remind people to wear masks during the pandemic. People should remember to keep the social distance, avoid shaking hands, and wash hands May you all have a good and safe time on the Lantern Festival.