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Stay True to Yourself – Min-fang Chen’s Solo Exhibition of Paintings

  • PostDate:2021-03-03

February 23, 2021

Chiayi Art Museum


        Min-fang Chen, born in 1992, graduated from the Department of Fine Arts, National Taichung University of Education. She learned painting skills from Cheng-chi Chang, who is an experienced artist, and she teaches the arts and creates artworks as careers. The artworks for the exhibition are mainly western paintings including: oil paints, watercolor, and pastel. They cover various topics; the explorations in life and visual memories both have become her prototypes of creation. Each of her works is completed by extending her feelings from experience of aesthetics accumulated through her lifetime discoveries.

        Talking about inspiration and core spirit, Chen elaborates: “Brushes sweep across the untouched canvas within by uncontrollable colors, and the footprints at the spots where they halt attempt to make thoughts fly up to search for views that have never been seen. Desires can’t be concealed, so one should allow greedy to drive their dreams freely against the wind. After countless practices, one would realize who actually needs to be embraced is themselves in the journey towards somewhere afar.”

        The pride of being young can be found in Chen’s works. She keeps moving forward by making breakthroughs to chase her dreams, which shows her passions on paintings. What exists under her painting brushes is her everyday feelings interpreted through colors which tell the insistence as an artist.

       Artworks in the exhibition have themes such as still-life paintings, landscape, portraits, flowers, and abstract paintings. Her strokes of paintings display a unique atmosphere, and the usage of different colors makes out the spirit as an artist. The exhibition states the interpretation of a creator to beauty, and illustrates how sailors in the realm of art sail towards freedom.