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The Complete Childcare System Reassures Young Parents The First Public Childcare Home in Chiayi City

  • PostDate:2021-03-08

The Complete Childcare System Reassures Young Parents
The First Public Childcare Home in Chiayi City Inaugurated

March 1, 2021

Social Affairs Department / Tourism and Information Department


        In order to ease the financial burden of raising children, Chiayi City Government has founded the first Neighborhood Public Childcare Home that provides reassuring childcare service for 12 infants between 0 to 2 in a reasonable price. The childcare center is aimed to be a neighborhood nursery institute that provides convenient service nearby. Every nanny is assigned to take care of 3 infants at the most, so the caretakers won’t be overwhelmed. As the host, Chiayi City Mayor Ming-hui Huang went across the gate of smartness and rang the gong of intelligence with multiple families during the opening ceremony.

        Huang believes that children are our hopes and that each parent strives for their kids. The City Government works to be the strongest support for young parents by providing public childcare service of good quality. The Neighborhood Public Childcare Home which has been inaugurated today along with the nursery centers in the East and West Districts will be benefiting the citizens through the services. The City Government will keep working on building Chiayi City into a happy city with birth allowance, childcare service, and good education systems.

        According to the Social Affairs Department, Chiayi City has constructed a complete public childcare system by founding the institutes such as the Public Nursery Center and The Neighborhood Public Childcare Home. Bigger ones include the West District Public Nursery Center founded in 2015 and the East District Public Nursery Center founded in 2019. Each of them has 52 infants to take care of and every 4 infants have a caretaker. The Neighborhood Childcare Home has the advantages of both family childcare service and nursery centers. Every caretaker is in charge of 3 infants in a family-like way and offers childcare service of good quality.

        With the budget of Forward-looking Program and the surplus of Taiwan Lottery, the Neighborhood Public Childcare Home was founded inside the National Chiayi University. It was entrusted to the Association of Seed of Hope for Children and Teenagers Growth. All of the caretakers in the institute have backgrounds of early childhood education and have licenses for babysitting. The Childcare Home has a safe and cozy environment equipped with cooking appliances, reading area, and rooms for activities.

        The Childcare Home starts running from March 2, offering service for 12 infants between 0 and 2. Working hours start from 8 o’clock in the morning to 5:30PM and can be prolonged until 7 o’clock in the evening. The monthly charge is 10,000 dollars. There were 20 babies signing up on February 20 and February 21, and 12 of them got officially enrolled on February 24. Six out of the 12 are under one and the other 6 are over 1.

        Huang prepared presents for the parents in the opening ceremony and delightedly led them to go across the gate of smartness and ring the gong of intelligence. The presents included multifunctional bags that can contain powdered milk and baby wipes, handkerchiefs, picture books, and train wooden models that represent Chiayi City. Everyone in the opening ceremony had a good time in the morning.