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Adorable Children in Champion Hats and Tiger Shoes in the One-Year-Old

  • PostDate:2021-03-09

Adorable Children in Champion Hats and Tiger Shoes in the One-Year-Old Catch Event “Blessings of Chenghuang and Wenchang”


March 6, 2021

Social Affairs Department / Civil Affairs Department / Tourism and Information Department


        CT Health Promotion Association for All Ages, Chiayi Chenghuang Temple and Fu-tian-fu Social Welfare Foundation held the 3rd “Blessings of Chenghuang and Wenchang,” the one-year-old catch charity, at Children’s Welfare Service Center, Chiayi City. The 40 families that attended the event made wishes for their one-year-old children by letting them wear tiger hats and tiger shoes and pass the Wenchang pineapple gate of intelligence. Chiayi City Mayor Ming-hui Huang presented red envelopes to every child and led the families to pass through the gate of intelligence. The adorable children made everyone in the event significantly joyful.

        Huang says every smile of children and every moment with children since they were born are the most precious memories of parents. Parents would absolutely love to record the biggest moments such as the one-month-old celebration, the anti-drooling ceremony and the one-year-old catch for their children. Huang is grateful to the event host for allowing the parents to memorize the adorable smiles of their children through the on-year-old catch event. She’s also grateful for the participation of the Chenghuang Temple and Fu-tian-fu Foundation that organized the charity and granted the blessings of Chenghuang and Wenchang to the children.

        According to Zi-ming Wong the curator of Baby Love Land, the 3rd one-year-old catch event succeeded thanks to the support of Chiayi City Government, Chiayi Chenghuang Temple and Fu-tian-fu Foundation. Wong indicates that the precautions for the pandemic have to be perfected for the health of the babies; therefore, the host prepared sanitizer for the parents who attended the event this year.

        Yong-chuan Lai, the president of the Chenghuang Temple, says that the Chenghuang Temple favors children. They brought blessings to children this year by having them pass through the gate of intelligence. Lai explains that the pineapples by the gate of intelligence allow the children to develop intelligence and bring fortune to the families. Each family that attended the event received a pineapple afterwards from the host to support farmers.

        The one-year-old catch represents the expectations and wishes of parents to their children. The objects for the babies to choose during the event included pens, abacuses, coins, books and so on. They all symbolize luck for whichever path the babies choose. The one-year-old catch can leave babies a wonderful memory.

        The event also contributed to charity by allowing 10 disadvantaged families participate for free. The incomes of the event will be donated to Chiayi Chenghuang Temple as the fund for charity. Not only did the families experience the tradition of the one-year-old catch, but took part in helping the disadvantaged groups in the society.