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Welcome Home! “Ideal Hometown – Chiayi City Placemaking Exhibition”

  • PostDate:2021-03-11

Welcome Home! “Ideal Hometown – Chiayi City Placemaking Exhibition” Shows Different Ways of Living a Life

March 8, 2021

Intelligence Technologies Department / Tourism and Information Department

        The year 2020 is when Chiayi City started placemaking. The city covers the area of 60 square kilometers and has the population of 265 thousand people. It looks like a place in between rural and urban areas, which makes it perfect for placemaking. In order to get more people to learn more about stories of the city, Chiayi City Government holds “Ideal Hometown – Chiayi City Placemaking Exhibition” at the lobby of Chiayi City Hall from March 5 to March 24.

        Everyone has an ideal home in mind and Chiayi City is the place that deserves you dreaming about and striving for your ideals, Mayor Ming-hui Huang says. Chiayi City is not a big city but it has its own rich culture and background. The year 2020 is when Chiayi City started placemaking, and the Taiwan Placemaking Annual Meeting took place in this city last year. Due to the competitive society, sub-replacement fertility and  population aging, local governments have to work on placemaking for the discovery of their own features and personnel training. The exhibition is a big success thanks to the assistance of Can Culture, Art & Nature. Those who go to the exhibition will surely be inspired.

        The exhibition presents the special features of Chiayi City with the industries and outstanding data of the city. It also reveals the journey of the government and non-governmental groups in the past year to initiate the placemaking of Chiayi City. The government communicates and exchanges opinions with people on the policies for placemaking. The placemaking system is built on the current issues through the collaboration of different units of the City Government. Certain actions are taken in response to the businesses for placemaking.

        The exhibition also shows the street views of the city that contain its unique industries and diverse cultures. Those from Chiayi City who dedicate to placemaking also return to their hometown during the exhibition, and share their experiences and thoughts on placemaking in the future.

        One of the spotlights of the exhibition is the results of local business starters being consulted. Three traditional crafting factories have transformed and four young people returned to their hometown to start a business. Those who want to start up a business can ask for aids and find resources from different sections for brand marketing, indoor designing, website designing and consulting for business starters.

Information regarding “Ideal Hometown – Chiayi City Placemaking Exhibition”

Duration: March 5 to March 24, 2021 (Open hours during 8:30AM to 6PM from Monday to Sunday)

Location: Chiayi City Hall Lobby (No.199 Zhongshan Rd., East Dist., Chiayi City)

Organizer: Chiayi City Government
Implementer: Can Culture, Art & Nature