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Future the Excursion Train First Came to Chiayi for a Banquet!

  • PostDate:2021-03-17

Future the Excursion Train First Came to Chiayi for a Banquet! Chiayi City Welcomes the Guests to Pay Visits Again

March 13, 2021

Tourism and Information Department

        The Future, an excursion train released by the Lion Group and Taiwan Railway Administration, won the 2020 Good Design Award in Japan and is deeply favored by railfans. Its arrival at the Chiayi Station at 6PM on March 11 made the railway in Chiayi City shine even brighter. The Chiayi City mayor Ming-hui Huang showed up at Hsiaoyuan Wedding Banquet Restaurant yesterday to welcome the first group of the Future passengers, and presented Qi-han Chen, the general manager of the Lion Group in middle and south areas, the limited Lucky Set of Tiles released by the Museum of Old Taiwan Tiles. The passengers were invited to Chiayi for the banquet of its delectable local food.

        Huang claims that Chiayi City is a must-visit place for railfans for the city is the first stop of Alishan Forest Railway. The Future, a combination of black and the classic orange of the Chu-Kuang Express, was designed by Johnny Chiu. What catches people’s eyes is the natural scenery of Taiwan painted inside the wagons. The Lion Group organized a spring trip for cherry blossoms on the Future, and tasting the foods of Chiayi City was also a part of the trip on the Future. It’s significantly meaningful to the tourism of Chiayi City, and hopefully chances of collaborating with the Lion Group will be granted to Chiayi City to make the Future appear in the city again.

        The spring trip started from Nangang, Taipei to Chiayi City through Tai’an, Miaoli. Those who took the trip had a banquet in Chiayi City on the 2nd evening. The banquet offered tasty cuisines such as chicken rice, wa gui (rice savory pudding), fish head, beef noodles, soy milk and soybean pudding.

        Wan-fen Zhang, the director of the Tourism and Information Department, indicates that Chiayi City is the first city founded in Taiwan and that the past 300 years have made its diversity and rich culture. The city is not only known as the Entrance of Alishan Railway, the City of Paintings, the City of Wood, the City of Band Music, and Home to Koji Pottery, Stone Monkey and Liquor. Visitors to Chiayi City are welcome to write their own stories of traveling. In the future, Chiayi City Government will work closely with the Lion Group on the lighting show, the Taiwan Design Expo, and the International Band Festival through the Future.