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With the Opportunity Witnessing the Significant Views of the Two Lakes

  • PostDate:2021-03-24

With the Opportunity Witnessing the Significant Views of the Two Lakes, the 5th ZEPRO RUN National Half Marathon in Chiayi City Attracted Over 5,000 Participants


March 21, 2021

Education Department / Tourism and Information Department


        The 5th ZEPRO RUN National Half Marathon has kicked off in Chiayi City today, and there were already over 5,000 participants in the morning. The event was held at the golden route of Chiayi City – the Lake Trails. It leads runners through two enchanting lakes of Chiayi City, Lantan and Renyi Lake. Chiayi City Ming-hui Huang showed up early in the morning to show her respect towards all the participants and to start the event by shooting the starter pistol. The event was divided into three races for half marathon (21K), road running (10K), and health keeping group (6K). Mr. Tomo, a renowned Japanese marathon runner, also attended the event. Many even participated along with their families. Along the route foods and drinks were also provided for the runners.

        Huang claims that Chiayi City is a city that has the love to sports and a city where sports enthusiasts from the whole nation gather. It’s wonderful to have a local enterprise like Chuan Tung ZEPRO that takes the social responsibility and keeps dedicating to organizing marathon events around Taiwan. She expresses further gratitude towards the non-governmental groups for making the economics thrive again from the impact of the pandemic. The participants of the ZEPRO RUN National Half Marathon today started their trip at Chiayi City Municipal Stadium and passed by Renyi Lake and Lantan the two beautiful lakes in Chiayi City. Huang felt honored and proud to have such amazing places for the event. It is people’s acknowledgement to Chiayi City and Chuan Tung. “Let’s start running from Chiayi City, the happy city, today to bring happiness upon us,” says Huang. She wishes everyone had their best performances on the event.

        It’s quite delightful that the event took place in Chiayi City this year and many people from either Taiwan itself or other countries participated, Jun-fang Yu the general manager of Chuan Tung revealed. Hopefully the participants were able to feel the energy and passion of Chiayi City and appreciate the two famous lakes in Chiayi City that are also known as the Golden Trials. Yu stresses that ZEPRO is a local brand of Chiayi City and that it held 3 of the top 10 sports events in Taiwan elected in 2020. ZEPRO is also the most popular brand for jogging in Taiwan and it has the influence on 260 thousand people. ZEPRO is very grateful for the participation of the runners and it’ll keep fulfilling its own duty and the glory of Chiayi City.

        The organizer even offered 50 pairs of running shoes for the participants during the lucky draw. There were also professional pacers from Beihui Jogging Association carrying golden balloons for the participants during the event. Numerous top and renowned runners also attended the event. Mr. Tomo, an astronomy professor in Tsinghua University, participated in the event today as a marathon enthusiast. Tomo enjoys events held by ZEPRO and has attended quite a few of them. It was a 3-hour drive for him to come to Chiayi City for the event, and the buffet after completing the marathon was quite delectable. He was excited for the stunning views of Renyi Lake and Lantan before starting the race.

        Although the 5th ZEPRO RUN National Half Marathon was an outdoor event, the organizer Chuan Tung still practiced the precautionary measures to reassure the participants. There were stops of for temperature taking at the entrance and along the trials and sanitizers for the staff and the participants. The organizer also kept reminding people to wash hands during the event.