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The Inauguration of Flowing Water in the Ditch , the Creation as the Image of Hydrology in the City

  • PostDate:2021-03-29

The Inauguration of Flowing Water in the Ditch, the Creation as the Image of Hydrology in the City & the Feast in Sing Chia to Appreciate Daojiang Ditch


March 25, 2021

Education Department / Tourism and Information Department


        Chiayi City Sing Chia Elementary School held a spring concert to celebrate its anniversary at Daojiang Ditch today, the vernal equinox. Chiayi City mayor Ming-hui Huang, the Education Department director Li-sheng Lin, the city councilors, and the school attended the concert to inaugurate the work of art on the wall as the image of the hydrology Flowing Water in the Ditch in Chiayi City and to draw the map of Chiayi City, the Peach City. Hopefully, the old ditch in the city which has a-hundred-year history will be the indicator for the school, the neighborhood and the city.

        “A happy city is managed by happy people and happiness is effort that pays off,” says Huang. Education allows each unique child to display their diverse potentials and to develop their interests and talents. She saw the students draw a map of Chiayi City on the ground of the campus. She heard wonderful music performed by the orchestra, the choir, the ocarinists, and the recorderists. She inaugurated the work of art on the wall and enjoyed the feast the students helped to prepare, as if in Chiayi Countryside Country the paintings created by Cheng-po Chen. There was also a map on the theme of diverse cultures for the city designed by the students. Yesterday there was a sudden rain of spring and we all experienced the freshness of this land and music of spring after the rain.

        According to Li-guai Zhu the principal of Sing Chia Elementary School, the event is on the theme of “Chiayi Countryside” through which we aim to reflect on the modern society from the countryside scenery drew by Cheng-po Chen. The event corresponds the curriculum made by Chiayi City to approach the mother nature. The ingredients for the feast included rice grown in Yuliao Neighborhood, pumpkins and paprika grown in NCYU, and products grown in organic farms by smallholders.

        Yan-xun Lin, the director in charge of class scheduling in Sing Chia Elementary School, makes lectures that allow the students to interact with the neighborhood through school. She invited the artist Yu-liang Liu to create the work of art Flowing Water in the Ditch that symbolizes the nourishing ditch. The patterns in the creation are the crops discovered by the students during the class from the farmers, such as pomelos and red beans. They also learned about the solar terms from the farmers. Every pattern in the work has its own small story that shows the interaction of us people and Daojiang Ditch. The ditch with its colorful background stories was built to reach the balance of production, life and the ecosystem.

        With its 300-year history, Daojiang Ditch which passes through Sing Chia Elementary School has been the guardian for 28 years since the school was founded. Sing Chia arranges different classes for all the grades which allow the students to take part in the ditch and the city. The designs in the eco-campus class for the 6th graders were also displayed during the event today, such as vertical greening and rainwater collectors. The theme for the school anniversary celebration is “Safety” made by Yi-ru Hou, the director of student affairs. The serial activities for the celebration take place during March 25 to March 27. There is a special lecture that has students express their feelings about the city, the mother nature, life and relationships during the pandemic in the past year. There are also races for sports and entertainment. “During the last celebration of school anniversary for me, I’ve discovered the world from Daojiang Ditch rather than learning about it,” revealed by Yi-shang Lu, a student that is about to graduate.