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Chiayi City Cycling Route Connects All the Beauty in Chiayi

  • PostDate:2021-04-09

Chiayi City Cycling Route Connects All the Beauty in Chiayi Allows People to Appreciate All the Natural and Cultural Spots with the Speed of 15km/h


April 3, 2021

Tourism and Information Department


        Chiayi City is a small city of culture and nature that covers the area of 60km2, so it’s perfect for biking to appreciate its views and to feel the subtle changes along with the 4 seasons. Totally 25km long, the Chiayi City Cycling Route includes the old biking lane and beautiful spots. One would be able to see all the beauty in Chiayi City by completing the route. With YouBike 2.0, the cycling route would be a new choice for sightseeing in Chiayi City.

        The mahoganies on the Shixian Rd. biking lane are on the leaf falling season, and it’d feel like entering a forest in a city to bike under those tall trees. The scene of the falling leaves is like the classic scenes in those romantic Korean dramas. In May and July, there are even chances of witnessing the golden shower trees.

        In the south is the Jiayou Bicycle Trail. It was converted from the old railway of China Petroleum Company and used to play a big role in the Chiayi Chemical Plant during the Japanese rule. Diced sweet potatoes as the raw material, they used to produce butanol, acetone, and alcohol by fermentation. After converted to a biking lane, the green trees on the both sides make a green tunnel with separate trials for biking and pedestrians that leads to rice fields in Hongwa Village.

        Heading towards east, the houses under construction in the area under compulsory acquisition of Huzinei give hopes to the future Chiayi City. Across Junhui Bridge arrives the bank of Bazhang River filled with blooming golden trumpet trees. The Mituo Moon-reflecting Bridge overlooks Bazhang River and the views on the bank. In the northeast is Lantan Lake, one of the 8 attractions of old Tsulo. National Chiayi University is next to the lake selling dairy products of quality with reasonable prices.

        In the north is the “New Silk Road of Culture” built by Chiayi City which includes attractions such as Hinoki Village, North Gate Station, the Old Prison, Chiayi Timber Factory and Song of Forest. Tourists to Chiayi can slow down to feel the history of 300 years and the energy beamed by the innovation. Beisianhu Park, the destination, covers the area of 25 acres and there are blooming chinaberry trees that look like snow covering on top.

        People can plan a small biking trip in Chiayi during the blooming season in the spring to experience the warmth of the city and the mixture of urban and rural atmosphere with the speed of 15km/h.