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Academy Award for Education through Reading All Three Schools Chiayi City Entered Won Prizes

  • PostDate:2021-04-12

April 7, 2021

Education Department / Tourism and Information Department


        The Ministry of Education announced the list of the Reading Rock Award winners on April 5, and the award is also known as the Academic Award for reading. Chiayi City entered 3 schools for the evaluation of elementary schools and junior high schools that promote reading, and all of them won prizes of the award. Min-sheng Junior High School and Chui-yang Elementary School won School of Reading Rock Award. The teacher Yi-qiang Guan of Yushan Junior High School won the Promoter of Reading. The wish of the Chiayi City mayor to emphasize reading for education has been accomplished.

        Mayor Ming-hui Huang states that the City Government promotes reading by increasing the collection of books and building up libraries in the schools for students to make a habit of reading in order to improve their competitiveness in the future.

        According to Li-sheng Lin the director of the Department of Education, the City Government has been arranging more and more budget for the collection of books and the facilities in the library in school every year. The current total number of books is up to 790 thousand volumes. There are 38 volumes of books per student in 2020 school year and 30 volumes of checkout per student. In the future, the government will be focusing on bilingual reading by increasing the collection of English books.

        Chui-yang Elementary School has been working on creating an environment where books are always available since the year 2000 to have reading interest students. Besides the award won in the year 2012, the school won School of Reading Rock Award with its “Reading New World” program. Agreed by the judge, Chui-yang is also one of the most characteristic schools and it has received an invitation to the awarding ceremony on June 2 as one of the schools recommended to the media. Combining the concept of self-learning for the new curriculum, Chui-yang keeps promoting teaching by reading different books on diverse topics. In addition, “Digital Library of Love” and the program of self-learning provide more resources to the students. Chui-yang also has diverse reading activities such as newspaper reading and morning reading to create the atmosphere among the school.

        Min-sheng Junior High School came up with the program “Across the Castle, Conquer as a Knight” that allows teachers of professions to collaborate on making reading more intriguing for every “knight of reading”. Students who reach the “peak of reading” will be awarded in their graduation ceremony, which inspires students to read more.

        Yi-qiang Guan compares herself as a guide of mountain climbing who leads students to go up and explore interests in the process. She believes that reading is the hope for students in their life and that they can create their own opportunities by developing potentials through reading.