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The Mobile Camera for Sewage Construction in Chiayi City Can Detect Every Leak in the Sewers

  • PostDate:2021-04-14

April 11, 2021

Public Works Department / Tourism and Information Department


        The sewage is an underground infrastructure that can’t be seen, and Chiayi City Government has been keeping the construction ongoing to improve the home environments for the citizens. The first period of the construction is mainly on building up the branches of the sewers to each household. Since the beginning of the construction on December 2018, the sewers have been inspected with precision instruments that provide footages or images from the inside to check for leaks. The Public Works Department and the construction company ran the inspection again on April 8 and every item passed the tests.

        According to the Public Works Department, the instrument for the inspection is like a camera that can move into the sewers. It requires at least three people to control the camera through the monitor. One in the van has to control the camera while two set up the camera and lift it down under the manhole cover. After being located, the camera starts go around inside the sewers and takes 360° panoramic pictures every meter.

        Public Works Department claims that details in the sewage such as leaks, gaps, concretes and tree roots are recorded during each inspection. Repair would be implemented immediately once something wrong is detected. Everything meets the requirements and follows the regulations during the whole construction so far.

        Yun-long Zhang, the site director of Zhong You Construction, emphasizes that the sewers are always cleansed before the camera lifted down inside. The 360° panoramic pictures it takes enable people to check the junction and the grade that allows the water flow smoothly.

        According to Chiayi City Government, the construction will improve the quality of everyday life environment by collecting wastewater through the sewage and gathering it to the water recycling center. The water will be drained off to the nature after the sterilization. The septic tanks are demolished right after the sewage connects to the households, which saves the expense to clean night soil. The 1st period of the construction which started in December of the year 2018 covers Baofu Village, Baosheng Village, Fu-an Village, and Bao-an Village. The statistics shows 1,722 households have been connected to the sewage system by March and there will be 2,709 in total. It’s estimated that the construction be completed by the end of 2021.