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Walking with Young Pals, Mayor Ming-hui Huang Experienced the Dajia Mazu Pilgrimage

  • PostDate:2021-04-19

Walking with Young Pals, Mayor Ming-hui Huang Experienced the Dajia Mazu Pilgrimage through a 10KM Long Trip on Foot with 12 College Students


April 12, 2021

Social Affairs Department / Tourism and Information Department


        Not only the elderly but more and more young people join the Mazu pilgrimage in recent years. Why would this exhausting long journey with complex religious ceremonies be attractive to young people? The reason is that the trip allows people to see the real beauty of Taiwan. “The more you know about the land, the more you’d love Chiayi City,” Ming-hui Huang, the Chiayi City mayor, once said. Huang therefore decided to follow the young people to started her 10 kilometers long journey of Mazu pilgrimage on foot with 12 college students from Yuanchang Township, Yunlin County to Xingang Fengtian Temple at 9AM on April 12.

        “One must try out this pilgrimage as a Taiwanese person,” Huang mentioned. Although she has been to the welcoming ceremony for the sedan chair of Mazu for several times, this was her first time to take part in the pilgrimage on foot thanks to the invitation by the young students. It was a trip for her to learn something and a journey to feel the passion of Taiwanese people and the compassion of Mazu. She wishes for safety and harmony in the society of Taiwan.

        Huang reveals that it was a rare chance to have a good talk with college students because of generation gap. Walking together with them, Huang felt touched to chat and share thoughts with them.

        Jia-wei Lin, the director of the Social Affairs Department, and Xuan-zhi Guo, the director of the Intelligence Technologies Department, also attended the Mazu pilgrimage this time. “Go along with young people” is one of the essential policies Chiayi City Government has been dedicating to. Lin states that projects such as College Students Chiayi Returning Program, Youth Festival, and Yongqi Xue are to arouse the love of young people to their hometown. Lin even asked the young people if they have noticed those public issues occurring in this society. When a problem is spotted, the most important thing to do is to find a solution to it and take actions instead of just saying. “Taking actions fulfills sense of responsibility while solving a problem brings sense of accomplishment,” says Lin.

        “As long as young people do something, the country would be fine,” responded Guo. If we observe our surroundings closely, we’d find out that we shouldn’t take everything convenient for granted and the convenience is made by the effort everyone makes constantly. We’d also find out that many problems were resulted from frustration, yet they can be solved if everyone works together to change.

        During the 10 kilometers long trip, Huang witnessed the nature and experienced the offerings by strangers along the way. Huang will use the energy she gained from the pilgrimage with the college students to create a happy future for Chiayi City.