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Omer Caspi, Representative of Israel Economic and Cultural Office in Taipei, Visited Chiayi City

  • PostDate:2021-04-27

Omer Caspi, Representative of Israel Economic and Cultural Office in Taipei, Visited Chiayi City and Huang Expects More Exchanges on Education, Cultures, and Industries in the Future


April 21, 2021

Civil Affairs Department / Education Department / Cultural Affairs Bureau / Economic Affairs Department / Intelligence Technologies Department / Tourism and Information Department


        Mr. Omer Caspi, Representative of Israel Economic and Cultural office in Taipei, and Mrs. Galit Caspi, Director of the public affairs, visited the Chiayi City mayor Ming-hui Huang at the City Hall in the afternoon. They and the City Government exchanged presents and opinions on education, culture and industries.

        Israel’s techniques of investment, Internet security and water resources management is on top of the world, Huang said. The country is an innovative country known for its industries of advanced technologies. Israel is also one of the most educated countries in the world. The businesses and tourism industries are growing thanks to the constant exchanges between Taiwan and Israel. The visit of the Caspis to Chiayi City created the chance of a long-term exchange and interaction on education, cultures, and industries.

        Before taking office in Taiwan in August of the year 2019, Representative Caspi served as Director of North-East Asia Department, Asia and the Pacific Division of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He’s fairly experienced in diplomacy for his 25 years long professional life of leadership. Caspi states that he was able to sense the hospitality and the unique culture of this city during his first visit. He hopes to get to learn more about the city during the stay and to build a fundament to the exchanges of both sides in the future.

        Chiayi City has had many collaborations with other countries in regard to education before such as Japan, Singapore and the US. It learned a lot from the exchange of paintings with schools in Japan. The city will learn a lot from Israel as well for the country values education. There are many artists from other countries attending the Chiayi International Art Doc Film Festival including Israel. Chiayi City would invite Israel to the annual International Band Festival. Farmers in Chiayi City make use of technology to grow cucumbers and there are many farmers in Israel applying similar skills to grow tomatoes and strawberries.

        Israel practices desalination and utilizes technology for the irrigation of farming lands to make use of water resources. Huang was extremely fascinated by how well Israel handles water shortage.

        Huang introduced to the Caspis that Chiayi City was built 300 years ago and it is home to baseball. Recently the city has become popular for tourism. It also values education, sports and art events. Although it is a small city, the medical resources are ranked on top in Taiwan. Facing challenges of the grim pandemic, the sales figures of profit-seeking enterprises still broke the record last year by the total number of 231,559,607,000 dollars.

        Furthermore, Chiayi City ranked first as the happiest city, second on the happiness index, third on the satisfaction of mayors, and fourth on the glory of cities. Chiayi City will be holding the Taiwan Design Expo this year and be working on its public infrastructure. Caspi responded that he was able to feel the potential of Chiayi City from the introduction given by Huang and he was aware that Chiayi City values education and culture as well. He is optimistic about more exchanges in the future with Chiayi City.