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The Satisfaction Survey of Cities and Counties in Taiwan 2021

  • PostDate:2021-05-07

The Satisfaction Survey of Cities and Counties in Taiwan 2021 Conducted by the Taiwan International News Media Association: Chiayi City Won 3 Golds and 6 Silvers


May 5, 2021

Tourism and Information Department


        The Taiwan International News Media Association has announced the results of the satisfaction survey of cities and counties in Taiwan, which reveals Chiayi City won three golden prizes among 16 non-special municipalities on healthcare, education and culture. The mayor Ming-hui Huang shows gratitude towards the survey conductor and the citizens of Chiayi City and claims on behalf of the City Government to strive for the happiness of the city.

        Huang points out that Chiayi City is a small city and easily overlooked yet it has a great amount of energy. Chiayi City to Taiwan is as Taiwan to the whole world. In 2011, Chiayi City was one of the 30 cities in the conference held in Dublin, Ireland that launched on building WHO global network of age-friendly cities. “The Tropic of Cancer is a sensitive string that plays music when the sun revisits,” quoted Huang from a poem by Kwang-chung Yu to symbolize the education, art and culture of Chiayi City.

        It’s the 3rd year of conducting the satisfaction survey. Apart from the satisfaction of mayors, the survey this time also covers public order, economics, traffic, environmental protection, healthcare, social welfare, education, tourism, art & culture, and happiness. The 22 administrative regions are divided into 2 groups: the 6 special municipalities and the 16 cities and counties. Chiayi City won three golden prizes on healthcare, education and culture. It’s been three years in a row that Chiayi City is ranked first on healthcare, and two years in a row on education. Chiayi City and Hualian County are the ones that won the most golden and silvery prizes.

        Chiayi City has rich medical and healthcare resources which include integrated health examination, the Hepatitis C removal program, long-term care centers, dementia care and the age-friendly recreation center. Chiayi City also won 4 prizes in Taiwan Healthy Cities and Age-friendly Cities 2020.

        Huang carries out the policies for education she values such as air-conditioners available in every class, native English teachers available in every school, and holding Science 168.

        In terms of art and culture, Chiayi City opened the Art Museum last year and the International Band Festival has become the city brand. The Taiwan Design Expo 2021 will be held in this city to spur the construction and innovation.

        The survey was conducted by Apollo Survey & Research Co. Ltd through a phone poll to people above 20. The duration was between March 15 to April 15 and Chiayi City had 604 valid samples.