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Guo-an Li, Chairman of CarolBrass Tourism Factory, Visited Mayor Ming-hui Huang

  • PostDate:2021-05-25

May 13, 2021

Civil Affairs Department / Cultural Affairs Bureau / Education Department / Tourism and Information Department


        Chiayi City Government held the Chiayi City Hakka Tung Blossom Festival on April 17, which was opened with the performance of the mayor Ming-hui Huang, Chairman of CarolBrass Tourism Factory Guo-an Li, and Deputy Minister of Hakka Affairs Council Kong-zhao Zhong playing the smallest trumpets in the world. This afternoon, Chairman Li and the leader of Chiayi City Brass Quintet Wen-jun Chen visited Huang along with the director of the Civil Affairs Department Mei-feng Liu, the deputy director of Cultural Affairs Bureau Jin-long Lin and the deputy director of Education Department Xi-xin Lin. They presented the small trumpets they played during the opening ceremony to Huang and instructed her how to play the trumpets. Huang gave wood carving works and souvenirs to Chairman Li in return.

        Huang reveals that the Chiayi City International Band Festival originated from Chiayi Senior High School and she tried to get the schools on break in order to have them attend the most essential event of the city – the Band Festival. Huang also stresses that the City Government will integrate the resources of tourism factories to connect band music and the industry of brass instruments by working on culture and education first.

        Born in Taipei, Chairman Li the smallest trumpet was developed during the year 2016 and the year 2017 with simply 17cm in length. The material for its body is brass and the mouthpiece is strengthened by wire bonding. The trumpet is qualified for design patent in Taiwan, the US, Japan and China. The original idea was to make a small, light and portable instrument to attract more people to learn brass music. The factory even released 4 goods that won the OTOP Award: the cellphone speaker 2016, the mini trumpet 2017, the mini horn 2018, and the cellphone speaker 2020.

        Running the brass instrument factory for 32 years. Li moved to Chiayi from Yangmei, Taoyuan 24 years ago. He founded CarolBrass Tourism Factory at Da Pu Mei Park in Dalin Township, Chiayi County 6 years ago. As a brass music enthusiast, he chose to move to Chiayi because of the International Band Festival and now lives with his children and grandchildren in Chiayi City.

        Nanxing Junior High, Beixing Junior High, Beiyuan Junior High and Jiabei Elementary School have paid visits to the factory. The factory makes the production of brass instruments public and has nearly 100 antique instruments as collections. There are also plastic mouthpieces for students to experience the fun of playing trumpet.