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0 New Cases in Chiayi City Today, and Places the Confirmed Cases Set Foot on Have Been Disinfected

  • PostDate:2021-05-26

Public Health Bureau / Tourism and Information Department

May 24, 2021


        Case 4464 and Case 4645 announced by the Central Epidemic Command Center today are from New Taipei City and both of them has the history of activity in Chiayi City. The two now are receiving treatments in hospitals after running the standardized procedures. Ming-hui Huang, the commander of Chiayi City Epidemic Command Center, states that the disinfections for public places in Chiayi City the two have been to have been completed by the Environmental Protection Bureau. The disinfection at the Bus Station was also done by the Transportation Department once reports were sent. Indoor public areas will be disinfected once every hour while outdoor ones once a day.

        After the press, Fu-Tian-Fu Social Welfare Foundation offered 10,000 rapid test kits for Chiayi City. Huang is grateful and glad to receive the good news.

        Case 4464, female at her 50s living in New Taipei City, took the Kuo-Kuang bus and arrived Chiayi City during 15:00 to 16:00 on May 15. Driven by her friend, she went to Ming-yi Baby Toys on Bao’an 1st Rd. during 18:06 to 18:36. Xing-jia Stinky Tofu on Xingye E. Rd. during 18:51 to 19:26. On May 18, she had an appointment at Ji-shi Chinese Medical Clinic on Linsen E. Rd. for her sore shoulders and neck during 19:00 to 20:00. On May 20, she went shopping at PX Mart on Min-quan Rd. during 20:48 to 21:07. The lady had syndromes such as coughing on May 15 when she visited Chiayi City and stayed at home most of the time. Her friend drove her to the hospital to run the test on May 22 for she kept coughing and had constant diarrheas. Potentially infected in New Taipei City, she was tested positive on May 24. The shops she’s been to have practiced disinfection. Ji-shi Chinese Medical Clinic will be closed until May 31 and Xing-jia Stinky Tofu will be closed for a month. The workers for the shops above and the 8 people the lady had contact with are required to self-quarantine.

        Case 4645, male at his 60s living in New Taipei City, drove to his friend’s place in Chiayi City on May 20 and took a walk around Gangping during 8:00 to 9:00 on May 21. He drove to the hospital to run the test for he had syndromes such as a fever and the history of activity in the north. The case was confirmed on May 24 and the only one contact with the case are in self-quarantine.

        People aren’t able to wear masks while eating out; as a result, Huang announced yesterday costumers are banned to eat in from May 23. The City Government also suggests those who have been to places cases set foot on stay alone in one room with their own bathrooms and not dine with family members. Go to the hospital to run the test once having the following syndromes: fevers, pain in the respiratory tract, loss of sense of taste or smell, and diarrheas. Do not use any public transportation system. Make sure to self-monitor if making contacts with friends or family members who have the history of activity in other places. Stay at home and wear masks if going out.


About doubts on Case 4020:

Q1. Why is Fu-shui Fish Thick Soup still open?
A1. The shop has been closed until May 28 and the shop workers are in self-quarantine.


Q2. Why are the owners of the breakfast stall and chemical store still able to go out?

A1. Case 4020 wore masks while making contacts with both of them within a short period of time, and the shop workers are all in self-monitoring. The family of Case 4020 are all in self-quarantine.


Q3. What is self-monitoring?

A3. Being inquired about health condition without being informed by the public health units. For example, those who were required to self-quarantine yet tested negative, those who have been to places the conformed cases set foot on.