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Doctors of Small Clinics Dedicate to the Neighborhood Testing Sites

  • PostDate:2021-06-02

Doctors of Small Clinics Dedicate to the Neighborhood Testing Sites, Helping People in Spite of Hands Soaked Wet in Gloves


May 25, 2021

Public Health Bureau / Tourism and Information Department


        Facing the challenge of the outbreak, Chiayi City Medical Association calls for the assistances of doctors working in clinics for the neighborhood testing sites of the City Government. Shan-kai Zhao, the Chairman of the Medical Association, and other 7 ENT doctors have agreed to take part in. Moreover, Councilor Si-ting Huang and other 9 people who have nurse licenses but don’t work as nurses as well as clinical scientists and dentists also joined.

        It’s now a crucial moment for Chiayi City to control the pandemic and medical personnel is the most precious power for that. Doctors who have their own clinics put them on hold and take turns assisting the testing tasks in the assigned hospitals in order to lower their burden. “We strive to help our land in spite of our hands soaked wet in gloves,” said Chairman Zhao.

        Apart from the Medical Association, the Nurses Association also sent a list of 72 unregistered nurses who have the license to the Public Health Bureau, Chiayi City. After inquiring them by phoning, 10 of them agreed to help. The Councilor Huang, clinical scientists and dentists offered to help once learning about the recruitment.

        The mayor Ming-hui Huang is sincerely grateful for Chairman Zhao, Councilor Huang and other selfless people who work for the medical field. The City Government has assigned and purchased facilities for the pandemic control. Those who have medical-related licenses are welcome to join the team. Tel: 05-2338042, Medical Administration Section of Public Health Bureau, Chiayi City.