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The 2nd Confirmed Case in Chiayi City, the Places Case 6104 Has Been to Are All Disinfected

  • PostDate:2021-06-02

May 26, 2021

Public Health Bureau / Tourism and Information Department


        Case 6104 announced by Central Epidemic Command Center is a male college student who returned to his homeland Chiayi City for online classes on May 17. The Public Health Bureau received the report at night on May 24 from other city/county that the student’s roommate was a confirmed case. He then was put under self-quarantine and arranged to run the test in the morning on May 25. The Public Health Bureau sent him to the hospital by following the standardized procedures afterwards for he was tested positive. So far, no symptoms have emerged and 4 of his family members who had contact with him are now under quarantine.

        The student’s family drove him home on May 17. His history of activity in Chiayi City is shopping at RT-Mart during 17:00 to 17:30 on May 18, shopping at Carrefour Beimen Store during 15:40 to 16:00 on May 19, paying the phone bill at T-Star Chuiyang Store during 19:46 to 20:00 on May 21, and shopping in Tianmao Agricultural Shop during 9:00 to 9:05 on May 22. After the disinfection, Tianmao Agriculture Shop was closed on May 26. T-Star Chuiyang Store has decided to close the store for 3 days for the disinfection.

        Mayor Ming-hui Huang calls for the cooperation of following the following 5 measurements. People should wear masks in public areas or be fined. Certain entertainment businesses should be closed. Catering places should limit to takeout only and retailers should control the number of customers. No banquets for weddings nor public funerals are allowed. Religious gatherings and activities are all canceled and religious places are closed.

        Students returning home should wear masks and avoid going out unless necessary. Contactors at high risks should call the Public Health Bureau (Tel: 2341150 or 2341908) to arrange the test. Those who have set foot in places of high risks should stay in their own room with bathroom and avoiding dining with family. Those who have symptoms should wear masks and leave for the neighborhood testing sites to run the test and avoid using the public transportation system. Self-monitoring is required if having close contact with people who have been to places of high risks.