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The 4,900 Shots of COVID-19 AZ Vaccines Given to Chiayi City

  • PostDate:2021-06-03

Medical Health Workers and the Front-line Personnel Have Prior Accesses to the 4,900 Shots of COVID-19 AZ Vaccines Given to Chiayi City


June 1, 2021

Public Health Bureau / Tourism and Information Department


        More and more new cases have been confirmed due to the outbreak of COVID-19. The front-line health workers and related personnel (the police, ambulance crew, village chiefs, village secretaries, staff of quarantine hotels and staff that conducts disinfection) are at higher risk of being infected for they have closer contact with confirmed cases. As a result, they will be the priority to get the limited vaccines in order to fulfill their duties of pandemic control.

        The vaccines will be gradually distributed, 4100 to the front-line health workers and 800 to the related personnel. The related personnel can apply to the Health Centers to receive the vaccines.

        To accelerate the speed of vaccination, the Public Health Bureau has increased the vaccine available hours and locations. People mentioned above will gradually be vaccinated from June 1. Medical health workers in Chiayi City can make appointments with the following hospitals: Chiayi Hospital (Ministry of Health and Welfare), Chiayi Branch of Taichung Veterans General Hospital, Chiayi Christian Hospital, St. Martin de Porres Hospital, Yang Ming Hospital, and Lu Yaren Hospital. Ching Sheng Hospital and An-xin Hospital will be added in the near future. Notices and details of making appointments can be found on the website of the Public Health Bureau, Chiayi City ( For more related information, please go to the website of Taiwan Centers for Disease Control (, dial 1922 the special-purpose phoneline of pandemic control, or dial 2341150 to reach the Public Health Bureau.