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Mayor Ming-hui Huang Visiting the Innovative IKEA Store in Chiayi City to Show Hospitality

  • PostDate:2021-09-06

September 3, 2021

Tourism and Information Department


The inauguration of the first IKEA mobile store, IKEA Hej, will take place at the Tzulo Impression Square of Chiayi Wenhua Park on Sep 8. The mayor Ming-hui Huang visited the store in person, and the IKEA staff was passionate to introduce Huang the products and the ideas of the mobile store. Huang even played with the shark stuffed animals to make the staff feel relaxed from the stress before opening.

The first IKEA Hej starting from Chiayi City is meaningful and it might attract more tourists to the city by connecting the store with the shopping areas and night markets, Huang mentioned.

In this post-pandemic period, the stimulation for economy is also one of essential tasks aside from pandemic control. Chiayi City, located at the center of the Yun-Chia-Nan Area, has the potential to turn into one of the crucial cities in the west. The City Government works to convince influential brands to open stores in the city to give a boost to economic activities.

Huang is grateful for the investments in Chiayi City during this tough time. The corporates that have decided to open a store in the city include: Burger King, Kura Sushi, J&G Fried Chicken, Rododo Hot Pot, and the 3rd “7-11 OPEN! X Sanrio.” In addition, the In89 Cinemax in Chiayi City will open in November. Chiayi City not only gives away $2,000 to each citizen to encourage going shopping, but is now in the process of organizing Chiayi City Shopping Festival 2021.

IKEA Hej is the first IKEA store built from shipping containers in the globe. Hej, which means hello in Swedish, contains the intention to greet customers that first visit the store. The store has the structure of 2 stories built from 7 shipping containers. The arrangement is inspired by Allen Key (the IKEA hex key) to show the feature of the self-assembly furniture.

IKEA Hej is a mobile store that is easy to move around unlike the traditional store that covers a huge area. The number of the shipping containers can be adjusted depending on the site where the store is. It’s a wonderful store which is able to go around Taiwan and get closer to customers.