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Mayor Ming-hui Huang Supervised the Road Condition

  • PostDate:2021-09-16

Mayor Ming-hui Huang Supervised the Road Condition Check Conducted with Ground Penetrating Radar to Detect Invisible Killers Underground


September 14, 2021

Public Works Department / Tourism and Information Department


        On August 16 there was a hole on the road that collapsed at No. 483 Xinming Rd. in Chiayi City caused by torrential rain that lasted numeral days in August. It was fortunate that no one got injured. The City Government conducted the investigation and assigned a construction firm to fortify the foundation with CLSM right after receiving the report. The investigation shows that the loosened box culvert resulted from the great amount of rainwater and the pressure of vehicles passing by was the reason why the road collapsed. The City Government collaborated with the team of Chaoyang University of Technology to check the road condition by locating hollowed parts of the road foundation with ground penetrating radar. The mayor Ming-hui Huang went to Xinming Road to supervise the task of detecting holes beneath the roads through technology in favor of the safety of citizens.

        Huang stressed that the City Government made an instant move to improve the traffic and to repair the box culvert as soon as the hole on Xinming Road got reported. The City Government even asked Chaoyang University of Technology for help to check if there were any other hollowed parts in the road foundation with ground penetrating radar. The safety of citizens passing through the road can be raised through the data collected by utilizing technology. Drivers ought to slow down if seeing the workers operating the road condition check.

        The pulse of the ground penetrating radar is able to detect the underground condition up to 3.5 m to 5 m in depth, explained Geng-cang Hsu, the associate-chair of the Center for Non-destructive Testing Research of Chaoyang University of Technology. The machine used for the road condition check on Xinming Road was set to issue electromagnetic radiation of both high frequency of 450MHz and low frequency of 250MHz for resolution and depth. The reflexed signal shows the road condition underground that includes pipelines, metal, buried manhole covers and hollowed holes. The data is sent from the radar to the computer and a 2-dimensional section view will show up which and be matched to the pipeline arrangement data of Chiayi City in order to analyze dangerous spots.

        The road condition check is conducted through utilizing advanced technology with the help of Chaoyang University of Technology, indicated Wen-chi Su, the director of Public Works Department. In the future, the check will be practiced on the main routes of the city with ground penetrating radar so as to guarantee the safety of citizens.