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The Opening Ceremony of Taiwan Design Expo Takes Place on December 23

  • PostDate:2021-09-23

Running a City through Designing

The Opening Ceremony of Taiwan Design Expo Takes Place on December 23


September 17, 2021

Cultural Affairs Bureau / Tourism and Information Department


        The date of Taiwan Design Expo 2021 concerns people due to the influence of the pandemic. ‘The energy of design in Chiayi City is astounding, which is exactly the goal to better industry and environment by making the most of design,’ said Jang-Hwa Leu, the general director of the Industrial Development Bureau of Ministry of Economic Affairs, after visiting the City Government and listening to the policies regarding design along with Chi-yi Chang the president of Taiwan Design Research Institute.

        After the thorough discussion, the soft opening of Taiwan Design Expo 2021 has been decided to take place on December 18 and 19 while the trial run may be extended till December 22. The opening ceremony will be held on December 23 and the event will end on January 2 the next year. The two major holidays Christmas and the New Year’s happen during the event. Chiayi City provides a safe place for visitors to appreciate the magnificent designs in Taiwan.

        ‘The pandemic causes a great impact not only to Taiwan but the world and, therefore, the process of organizing the expo is quite different from the past years,’ says Ming-hui Huang the mayor. The focus of Taiwan Design Expo 2021 is to present the beauty of Chiayi City and the power of designing. Adjustments will be made depending on the situations regarding the pandemic.

        Huang states that Chiayi City has been dedicating on city management through designing since being selected as the organizer of Taiwan Design Expo 2021. The city has worked on building a pretty skyline on Wenhua Road, the vaccination site by utilizing the measures Umi Town took, the program of assisting 11 local brands to transform, the first IKEA Hej mobile store and the project of the collaborations with local temples.

        According to Cultural Affairs Bureau, “City as Home” is the theme of Taiwan Design Expo 2021. “Wenhua New Silk Road” as the focus, there are 3 exhibition sections which include G9 Creative Park, Chiayi Timber Factory and Chiayi Old Prison. Around this area used to be the main route for the old forestry in Alishan and it’s the essential part of this city.