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Latest Update of “Travel in Chiayi” Provides All the Information You Need to Travel in Chiayi

  • PostDate:2021-09-29

September 27

Tourism and Information Department


        On September 15 Chiayi City Government has announced the update of the website “Travel in Chiayi City” which is available now to fit in the current digital era. The website is a platform that provides instant information for visitors to travel in Chiayi City.

        The update of “Travel in Chiayi City” employs the Responsive Web Design (RWD) to provide a characteristic interface which adjusts automatically according to the screen size of the device of users in favor of user experience. The features of the update are apt for travelers nowadays who tend to use mobile devices to look up traveling information.

        The update organizes all the information travelers in Chiayi City need and provides different kinds of service. The website now offers tourist attractions on Google Map, the map of travel information centers, the map of turkey rice, the bus live arrivals, information for Alishan Forest Railway and the “Zoom in Chiayi” Facebook page. The website offers different versions in multiple languages (Chinese Traditional, Chinese Simplified, English, Japanese and Korean). The update aims to broaden its service to more people by collecting data to reach efficiency in order to allow the world to notice Chiayi City.

        Wan-fen Chang, the director of Tourism and Information Department, states that the website “Travel in Chiayi City” collects information that covers 7 topics: activity, travel, food, schedule, hotels, transportation and media. The website provides information such as must-go spots, trips that suit different people, must-get souvenirs, public transportation, information about hotels in the city, and some pictures and videos about Chiayi. The website has all the information visitors need for their stay in in Chiayi City.


The website “Travel in Chiayi City”: