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Chiayi City Surpasses Tainan and Kaohsiung and Is Placed 1st on Healthcare

  • PostDate:2021-10-01

Global View Monthly’s Survey on Competitiveness of Administrative Divisions Shows that Chiayi City Surpasses Tainan and Kaohsiung and Is Placed 1st on Healthcare


September 28, 2021

Tourism and Information Department


        The result of Global View Monthly survey on competitiveness of administrative divisions has come out today, and Chiayi City is placed 3rd for non-special municipalities. Chiayi City surpasses not only Tainan or Kaohsiung but any other division south to Taichung. Mayor Ming-hui Huang says that it’s all thanks to the hard work of the citizens and the support of the citizens to the City Government. The pandemic has greatly stricken the economy this year and the City Government will work on economic stimulation in the post-pandemic era.

        Chiayi City was place 1st on healthcare which surpassed Taipei City earlier this year. Facing the challenge of the pandemic, Chiayi City took necessary measures for the pandemic control. Not only does the city have the lowest number of confirmed cases, but set up vaccination sites for the senior by employing the modified measure of Umi Town. Statistics shows that the vaccine coverage in Chiayi City reached up to 60.7% by September 27.

        Chiayi City was placed 4th on public safety & fire control in Taiwan. The rate of fire occurrence in Chiayi City is the lowest and the Fire Bureau of the city believes that the 76% of alarm setting in buildings efficiently prevent fires from happening. In addition, the success rate of emergency medical treatment last year is nearly up to 30% (29.64%) which shows how amazing emergency medical care is in Chiayi City.

        Despite the influence of pandemic, Chiayi City was surprisingly placed 5th in Taiwan and 3rd for non-special municipalities. The disposable income per household in Chiayi City last year has increased by 2.56% which surpassed Tainan and Kaohsiung. The sales of profit-seeking enterprises also made a breakthrough of reaching the peak. In response to the Quintuple Stimulus Voucher policy by the Central Government, Chiayi City plans on giving away NT$2000 cash in the end of October and starting the discount of NT$100 rebate for every NT$1,000 spent Chiayi during City Shopping Festival 2021 in November.

        The survey on competitiveness of administrative divisions by Global View Monthly analyzes the 9 main topics: economy & employment, education & culture, eco-friendliness & environmental quality, law & order, public safety & fire control, healthcare, life quality & modernization, local finance, and social welfare. There are 76 indexes in total to demonstrate the results of city management.