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Streamer Jie-ling Xie Invited to Share On-trend Streaming Secrets during Pandemic

  • PostDate:2021-10-06

October 3, 2021

Intelligence Technologies Department / Tourism and Information Department


        It’s been 11 years since Chiayi City started diverse digital learning for its citizens. The pandemic has given rise to the growth of the streaming market. Not only has the number of streamers greatly increased but the frequency of watching live streams has gone higher because of people staying at home. Chiayi City invited Jie-ling Xie, a popular streamer, to give a speech on “how to be a streamer” today. With her experience, she instructed the audience to master the skills of streaming step by step so as to develop unique charisma of their own. Intelligence Technologies Department said that participants strictly followed the restrictions and wore masks during the whole event. They were also divided into 2 groups for the control of room occupancy. There were in total 120 attendants to the speech.

        Xie shared why and how she started the streaming career at first during the speech to guide the audience to be mentally prepared for facing obnoxious viewers, verbal bullying and harassment. She also demonstrated how to do a complete small stream. The audience brought up their own questions regarding streaming through the interaction with Xie. “As a business management major, I would like to know the difference between streaming media and brand development in,” one graduate student mentioned. “How do you manage to make the best time distribution at different times on different streaming platforms?” another person asked Xie. “I started my own YouTube channel and making videos for I’m inspired by the channel Heroisme and videos made by the persons at alternative service on campus,” a junior high student shared.

        Chiayi City Government organizes a series of lectures concerning digital learning platforms this year. They provide resources which can’t be found on the Internet. Aside from the speech today on streaming, there will be lectures on podcast making which is a popular industry in recent years. “I hope the lectures will help the citizen master different skills required in recent industries or even have multiple careers,” says Xuan-zhi Guo, the director of Intelligence Technologies Department. “Online industries show rapid growth despite the negative impact on most of the traditional industries resulted from the pandemic; therefore, our department organizes lectures regarding streaming media and podcast making to help the citizen in this ever-changing era of the Internet.”