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“Weaving with Light, Dancing with Shadow” from November on a smaller scale to light up Chiayi City

  • PostDate:2021-10-14

October 12, 2021

Tourism and Information Department


        The light art exhibition “Weaving with Light, Dancing with Shadow” will start on November 1 until January 2 the next year. It was first held last year and won 2 international awards on designs. The event this will be taking place at both Beisianhu Park and KANO Park on a smaller scale this year due to the pandemic.

        The exhibition held at Beisianhu Park last year drew over 800 thousand visitors during the 32-day event. This year, it was originally going to take place during the Mid-autumn Festival break yet got postponed to November 1 until January 2 the next year on a smaller scale with 2 separate venues and longer duration in response to the COVID-19 restrictions announced by the Central Epidemic Command Center.

        “This year is a year of challenges and hope,” said Wan-fen Chang, the director of Tourism and Information Department. “The situation is getting better thanks to all the people following the restrictions.” Pandemic control is the focus of the exhibition to remind people to strictly follow the restrictions and to bring hope through the dancing light and shadow.

        The theme of the exhibition site at Beisianhu Park is “Chess” which tries to remind people to be as cautious as playing chess during the pandemic. At the Treble Clef Square inside Beisianhu Park, the path is decorated with 32 pieces of glowing chess including the king, the queen and the castle.

        The theme of the exhibition site at KANO Park is “Blooming in Spring” which symbolizes hope and rebirth as flowers blooming in spring. Challenges will eventually be overcome by strictly following the COVID-19 restrictions. While strolling inside the square at Zhongshan-Qiming intersection, buds on the ground created by the light projectors will bloom as people step on one. The light show and the motto of KANO “Never give up” manifest the hope after the pandemic if everyone works together.

        “The content is still worth watching even though the light art exhibition this year is held on a smaller scale due to the pandemic,” stated director Chang. “We will light up the night of Chiayi City in winter during the exhibition to amaze the visitors and bring them hope.”


“Weaving with Light, Dancing with Shadow” 2021 Light Art Exhibition

Duration: November 1 to January 2

Open hours: 18:00–22:00 daily


1.  Beisianhu Park (Treble Clef Square)

2.  KANO Park (square at Zhongshan-Qiming intersection)


  1. Beisianhu Park (free parking lot next to the north sewers with 182 parking spaces, parking lot at Youai-Wenhua intersection with 44 parking spaces)
  2. KANO Park (free parking lot inside the park with 577 parking spaces for cars and 495 parking spaces for scooters)