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Chiayi City rated 5-Star in poll of age-friendly cities 2021

  • PostDate:2021-10-20

October 16, 2021

Tourism and Information Department


        Chiayi City is rated as a 5-star city in the poll of age-friendly cities 2021 conducted by Fifty Plus (50+). The poll also shows that Chiayi City is placed 1st on participation of lifetime learning, 2nd on health service density and 3rd on participation of sport activites.

        “Chiayi City, as a pioneer in Taiwan, became one of the first 30 cities in the world which participated in the International Dublin Declaration on Age-friendly Cities & Communities in 2011,” stated the mayor Ming-hui Huang. “Chiayi City is the first exemplar of age-friendly cities in Taiwan.” Being friendly to the senior is essential to being friendly to all the generations. The City Government will keep working on making the city suitable for all generations to live in.

        Chiayi City is placed 1st on participation of lifetime learning, which is one of the 10 criteria in the poll. The city is placed 2nd on health service density after Taipei City and 3rd on participation of sport activities. Chiayi City dedicates to building the age-friendly network by gathering related resources. Not only is Hondao Senior Citizen’s Welfare Foundation entrusted to found the “Career Development Center for the Orange Generation” to help the senior citizens access to lifelong resources but a pretty gym club was built exclusively for them. The Government in the meanwhile is on the process of adding more neighborhood service sites and long-term care centers that provide health keeping and dementia prevention services for the senior citizens.

        In addition, Chiayi City performs well in the poll on participation of volunteer activities, the ratio of accessible buses, pedestrian friendliness, the coverage of long-term care service, age-friendliness of public transportation, and the overall satisfaction. Fifty Plus mentions that Chiayi City started programs and policies to develop as an age-friendly city in 2011 despite being a small city.

        Taking the guide and suggestions of WHO as the reference, Fifty Plus conducted the poll on 3 main aspects: friendliness of transportation & public facilities, social participation, and healthcare service along with the overall satisfaction of age-friendliness. The 10 criteria of the poll include: pedestrian friendliness, the accessibility of public spaces & buildings, friendliness of public transportation, participation of lifetime learning, participation of volunteer activities, participation of sport activities, health service density, air quality, coverage of long-term care 2.0 and the satisfaction of age-friendly policies.