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“New Wave Exhibition of Forest Railway Bamboo Architecture 2021” telling story of industry in Chiayi

  • PostDate:2021-10-26

“New Wave Exhibition of Forest Railway Bamboo Architecture 2021” telling story of industry in Chiayi City warms up for Taiwan Design Expo


October 22, 2021

Cultural Affairs Bureau / Economic Affairs Department / Tourism and Information Department


        Chiayi used to have the largest area covered in bamboos within Taiwan. The “New Wave Exhibition of Forest Railway Bamboo Architecture 2021” co-organized by Forestry Bureau, Council of Agriculture and Taiwan Bamboo Society presents the history of the Forest Railway by works of bamboo structures. Mayor Ming-hui Huang went to Teascape Chiayi, Hotel Day+ for the models of the architectural works. Huang felt moved that she had a tour guided by the curator and the 6 architects themselves. She believes the exhibition is not only the preparation for Taiwan Design Expo but something that tells the story of the industry in Chiayi City. It could even get us to ponder the moves for sustainable development.

        Huang stated, after the tour, that she could feel the hard work of the architects when they shared their designs. The architects of the exhibition are Ming-hsien Wang, Wen-Yuan Peng, Hsin-chao Fang, Che-chien Wang, Yu-hsin Ye, and Yu-wen Chen. Kuan-fan Chen the curator is also the structural engineer in charge of the design of the experimental timber factory in Chiayi Old Prison.

        The venues for Taiwan Design Expo 2021 include G9 Creative Park, Chiayi Timber Factory, and Chiayi Old Prison. Thanks to Hwa-Ching Lin the director-general of Forestry Bureau along with Taiwan Bamboo Society and 6 renowned architecture teams, “New Wave Exhibition of Forest Railway Bamboo Architecture 2021” gets to take place in Chiayi Timber Factory to display numerous pieces of work of bamboo structures. The exhibition shows advantages and characteristics of bamboo. Bamboos can be used in multiple ways for public art and green building materials, not to mention daily supplies or accessories.

        According to Cultural Affairs Bureau, the trial run of Taiwan Design Expo is on December 18 and 19, the opening ceremony on 23, and open hours from 24 to January 2 the next year. The City Government will be ready for instant adjustment of the expo depending on the situations of the pandemic. Everyone is welcome to Chiayi City for the expo without being worried about the safety.

        To pair with Taiwan Design Expo 2021, Forestry Bureau arranges the 6 pieces of works of bamboo structures to be displayed in Chiayi Timber Factory and Zhuqi Station. Visitors will be able to witness the possibilities of bamboo as an architecture material.