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Encounter of technology and English: VR classrooms make you immerse into daily scenarios

  • PostDate:2021-10-28

October 26, 2021

Education Department / Tourism and Information Department


        The pandemic gives rise to cancellation of physical classes. Students have to take online classes at home, which is challenging to both teachers and students. Shiuan Shin Elementary School makes English learning easy and fun by teaching through VR. Students get points by clicking the right object in a living room or bathroom according to the hints in English. They are motivated to learn more vocabulary while having fun this way.

        Jin-mu Huang the principal of Shiuan Shin Elementary School stated that English learning would become fairly important because of Taiwan’s “Bilingual Nation by 2030” policy. Scenario-based learning is important for language learning, and the strategy would motivate students to learn more efficiently. Thanks to Education Department of the City Government sponsoring 1.5 million dollars, the school got to set up 2 VR interactive classrooms for English learning on campus as well as purchasing 30 VR headsets and learning software. Shiuan Shin Elementary School is the 1st in Chiayi City that implements English teaching through VR. Students learn English by experiencing different scenarios taking place in a city, a market, an office and so forth on VR. They enjoy the process and manage to acquire new words.

        “Recently set up in the last semester, the VR classrooms are available for the nearly 320 students of 4th grade to 6th grade to experience first,” Principal Huang said. “The courses will be available for more students and be adjusted to be more colorful for children to learn English naturally in the future.” Thanks to the support of Education Department and the Education Network Center, it was a big success to set up the 2 VR classrooms.

        “Teachers play the role of an assistant for learning on VR and students are the protagonist that explores,” said Ms. Shin-yi Chou, who has 10-year English teaching experience. Learning on VR is way more intriguing than traditional classes because students would remember words more easily while seeing them repeatedly in the scenario on VR. Students would also ask questions actively when they see a new word in order to get more points.

        “It was the 1st time I experienced VR English learning today, and it made me happy that I got 8 objects right in the living room scenario,” said a 5th grader Shuo-chien Hong. “The English pronunciation and Chinese translation would show up once the objects in the living room were clicked, and it helped me memorize the vocabulary.”

        English teachers ask students to sanitize the headsets to ensure the safety of next users after a session is finished.

        The Education Network Center hopes the VR classrooms will be what motivate students to learn English. The combination of technology and English learning allows the students to attain the ability to survive from the era of globalization and to obtain the latest knowledge in English to open the window of the world as a global citizen.