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“Weaving with Light, Dancing with Shadow” kicks off

  • PostDate:2021-11-04

“Weaving with Light, Dancing with Shadow” kicks off: Biggest heart-shaped wall of flowers of Taiwan only in Chiayi


November 2, 2021

Tourism and Information Department


        The light art exhibition “Weaving with Light, Dancing with Shadow 2021” has kicked off from yesterday until January the next year (6PM to 10PM daily). The exhibition this year is held on a smaller scale at two different venues with a longer duration to practice safety measures for COVID. The 2 venues are Beisianhu Park (Chess) and KANO Park (Blooming in spring). KANO Park drew a great number of visitors on the first day of opening with the interactive ground projector and the pink wall of flowers.

        “Blooming in Spring” at KANO Park is built with installations of baseball to demonstrate the KANO spirit of never giving up. The trail amid the square is covered with cherry blossom, wisteria and violet, and there are interactive projections of flowers on it that resemble the galaxy. The flowers from the ground projections bloom once being stepped on. They include orange daylily, moth orchid, roselle, Hong Kong orchid and rose. There is a chance of seeing green aurora flashing by. The visitors can have a blast on the ground projections.

        The “Happy Wall of Flowers” on top of the stairs at the square draws much more attention. It’s a 5-meter tall wall covered with pink flowers and flower projections, which makes it the prettiest spot in Chiayi City for people to take pictures. Panoramas capture the happiness of people with their partners while close-ups display the atmosphere of romantic fantasy when being alone. Every different angle of photos taken reflects the beauty of those in them. Enthusiastic photographers can’t miss out on this wall of flowers.

        According to Wan-fen Chang the director of Tourism and Information Department, the light art exhibition 2021 is held on a smaller scale in favor of visitors’ safety during the COVID pandemic. Apart from the original venue at Beisianhu Park, the exhibition extends its reach to KANO Park this year. Different from last year, the exhibition adds more interactive art works to light up the winter nights of Chiayi City and to hopefully cheer people up during the pandemic. Visitors can seek beauty and hope between light and shadow.


“Weaving with Light, Dancing with Shadow” 2021 Light Art Exhibition

Duration: November 1 to January 2

Open hours: 18:00–22:00 daily


1.  Beisianhu Park (Treble Clef Square)

2.  KANO Park (square at Zhongshan-Qiming intersection)


1.  Beisianhu Park (free parking lot next to the north sewers with 182 parking spaces, parking lot at Youai-Wenhua intersection with 44 parking spaces)

2.  KANO Park (free parking lot inside the park with 577 parking spaces for cars and 495 parking spaces for scooters)