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Chiayi City a healthy and age-friendly city attending global conference of the AFHC

  • PostDate:2021-11-08

November 4, 2021

Public Health Bureau / Environmental Protection Bureau / Intelligence Technologies Department / Tourism and Information Department


        In order to promote Chiayi City as a healthy and age-friendly city, the City Government led by Ming-hui Huang the mayor actively attends related international and domestic events. Chiayi City was invited to the 9th Global Conference of the Alliance for Healthy Cities (AFHC) to share the experience. On behalf of Mayor Huang, Shu-hui Chen the deputy mayor attended the online conference at the City Hall to have an exchange with other healthy cities overseas on the topic “Low Carbon Emissions in Chiayi and Improvement of Community Carbon Reduction Actions.” Public Health Bureau even won the Best Poster Awards on the topic “Live against the Age, Forever Young.” Chiayi City has been seen by the world and keeps moving towards the goal of being a healthy and age-friendly city.

        According to Chen the associate mayor, Chiayi City has been one of the AFHC members and the city was also the only one among the Chinese communities on the both sides of Taiwan Strait which signed the declaration “Building the WHO Global Network of Age-Friendly Cities” in Dublin, Ireland in the year 2011. The City Government prepared a lot for the AFHC Global Conference with an eye to Chiayi City’s global visibility. Chiayi City entered 16 topics for the conference such as “Management during COVID & Risk Communications” and “Smarter Solutions for Air Pollution & Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).” Thanks to the citizens and the City Government, AFHC gave recognitions to the 2 topics on low carbon emissions and the health of the senior. Chiayi City will keep moving forward to be a better city.

        The Global Conference of the Alliance for Healthy Cities which is held every 2 years was postponed to November 3 until November 5 this year due to COVID. It was an online conference hosted in Hong Kong. Chiayi City combines the concept of design for its management. The accomplishments on the topic “Low Carbon Emissions in Chiayi and Improvement of Community Carbon Reduction Actions” by Environmental Protection Bureau include: 100% village participation rate of low carbon neighborhood promotion, the 4th highest coverage of solar photovoltaic technology domestically, and the best improvement ratio of low air quality index domestically. The accomplishments on the topic “Live against the Age, Forever Young” by Public Health Bureau include: collaborations with different units, the system for citizens to participate, and online platform to organize activities for the senior in favor of their health. Those who participate in the activities are 8 years younger in physiological age than chronological age. Chiayi City lets the world see that the city is a sustainable city which is perfect for people of all ages to live in.