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Taiwan Design Expo 2021 in Chiayi City: City as Home

  • PostDate:2021-11-11

November 10, 2021

Cultural Affairs Bureau / Tourism and Information Department


        People have been looking for an ideal place to live in in recent years. Chiayi City is the epitome of a traditional Taiwanese city in terms of the history, the scenery and the hospitality. Chiayi City is a perfect place for people to call “home”.

        The Taiwan Design Expo 2021 is held in Chiayi City on the main theme “City as Home.” The expo aims to make Chiayi City a place for people to feel like home. As the host, Chiayi City will create an image of home through the hospitality in order to allow every visitor to feel like they have returned home.

        Director Kuo-chan Tseng from “A PIECE OF _” design studio is in charge of the main visual of Taiwan Design Expo 2021. The images of urban areas, forests and home demonstrate the inclusiveness in Chiayi City. The pieces of different colors divided represent the inhabitability, warmth and passion. The pieces of different colors together display how diverse Chiayi City is in terms of industries and culture.

        “27 Design” is in charge of the main dynamic visual. The circle which symbolizes the sunrise of Ali Mountain keeps bouncing and then turns into the residents dwelling in Chiayi City. Mountains and the city are weaved into one by the border as if people in the city were one. Changes of li

 ght brightness represent the change of time in Chiayi City.

        The city to home is like home to family. A family consists of people er that accommodates different people and buildings. It is something with different personalities and so does the city. The city is like a humongous containunique thatthe differences are connected despite they are different. The silhouettes of houses in the main visual contain houses of different size that people consider home.

        The trial run of Taiwan Design Expo 2021 in Chiayi City is on the 18th and 19th of December and the opening ceremony is on the 23rd. The official opening is from the 24th to the 2nd of January the next year. The expo is aimed to initiate the city management through the concept of design.


The main dynamic visual for “City as Home”: