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Number of participants for the 2nd “Youth Project Proposal Contest” breaks record

  • PostDate:2021-11-15

Number of participants for the 2nd “Youth Project Proposal Contest” breaks record: declaring actions to change the world


November 11, 2021

Intelligence Technologies Department / Tourism and Information Department


        Mayor Ming-hui Huang attended the 2nd “Youth Project Proposal Contest” on November 5 to cheer up the participants from 27 different schools. She listened to the proposals of the participants and showed them support. Afterwards, she initiated the consultation for those proposals to be implemented by shouting out “Actions to change the world.”

        Huang believes that it is a milestone a student in life to work on a project consulted by a professional with peers. The proposals concern on things that could make the society better. She is looking forward to the results after 3 months of work with the resources provided and the consultation. Chiayi City will be a place that nourish young people of talents.

        Chiayi City Government has organized “Youth Project Proposal Contest” for 2 years in a row, and the number of groups that signed up hit 66 this year. On top of local schools such as Chung Cheng University, Chiayi University and the high schools, there are participants from Taiwan University, Chengchi University, Taiwan Normal University and Cheng Kung University. There are totally 27 schools around the nation.

        The projects proposed for the contest cover different issues including placemaking and sustainable development. “Beginner Meat Store” allows people to learn more about pork, the most consumed meat in Taiwan, through interactive lectures on food safety. “Beite” promotes the renting system for reusable cups in order to reduce single-use plastics in a city. “Chia-You-Yi-Tse” works on publishing magazines on the culture and resources of Chiayi City for immigrants and migrant workers in the city. “Weekend of Tabletop-games Teaching Team” designs lectures through board games for underprivileged students to explore by creating a friendly environment and keeping them company.

        During the 4 evaluations, many were invited as the consultants for the project proposals during the contest: Yu-tsun Chou the COO of Hahow, Ozzie Su the founder of ZA Share, Evan Teng the board member and general manager of J. Walter Thompson, Rich Chen the CEO of Impact Hub Taipei, senior designer Wei-en Kao of AGUA Design, graphic designer Jun-yu Liao, Kevin Yang the COO of 5% Design Action. There were 34 groups qualified for the contest. This year, 14 professionals with expertise in different fields will work as consultants for the qualified groups for 3 months. The professionals are: Kevin Yang, Rich Chen, Chih-Yuan Cho, Kuei-Yuan Chan, Liang-yi Chang, Wayne Chang, Wei-xiang Huang, Wei-ting Chao, Si-han Huang, Che-yue Ye, Yan-fu Huang, Chia-Hsiu Chang, Yong-zhong Chen and Su-rong Hsu.

According to Intelligence Technologies Department, “Youth Project Proposal Contest” this year calls for actions to change the world to encourage young people to make use of their potentials. The young participants will be change makers in the future from the experience they obtained through the process of implementing their own projects.