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A day trip of puzzle games in Chiayi!

  • PostDate:2021-11-22

November 17, 2021

Urban Development Department


        The City Government organizes the serial events of “A day trip of puzzle games in Chiayi” for people to solve puzzles on the 25th and the 26th of December during Taiwan Design Expo 2021 with its 5 main venues in order to carry out the strategic planning for the overall scenery of Chiayi City. It could spur urban esthetics and development of the scenery. The themes of the main venues are: Resolution on the Future, Reconstruction of the Industry, Cottages in the City, City as a Showground, and Hundred-year-old Woods. The serial events allow the participants to express their opinions on this city to be collected for making Chiayi City more meaningful.

        Participants will be guided by a different professional at each venue of the serial events with stories. The theme “Resolution on the Future” allows the participants to learn about the history of Chiayi Station from the architect Shi-an Chen, a researcher in the history and of Chiayi. People venture through the history of the Forest Railway and the old wooden buildings with the guide of Nai-yi Hsu, Railway Cultural Society of Taiwan, for “Reconstruction of the Industry.” People will be able to experience prison administration in the past and the essence of placemaking with the guide by Cheng-che Chen, the driving force of Wood City 2.0, for “Cottages in the City.” Kuo-shin Yu, the general-director of Wenya Culture Association, will guide the participants to know more about the East Market, the only traditional market that remains in Chiayi City, in order to learn the past and present lifestyle and beliefs of Chiayi residents. “Hundred-year-old Woods” provides participants a tour through parks and small woods in Chiayi City along with the guide of Ji-han Jiang and Kuo-shin Yu.

        Those who intend to attend “A day trip of puzzle games in Chiayi” can sign up for it from today to December 17. The number of participants is limited due to the COVID safety measures.

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