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Chiayi City placed 1st in satisfaction levels – Mayor Ming-hui Huang: let’s continue the happiness

  • PostDate:2021-11-29

November 25, 2021

Tourism and Information Department


        The results of “Happy Taiwan – Regional Happiness Survey 2021” co-organized by Economic Daily News and Taiwan Life Insurance have come out today. Chiayi City under the leadership of the mayor Ming-hui Huang won two awards. In addition to being one of the top-ranked on happiness, Chiayi City earned 83.9% of satisfaction on the local government ranking. The city scored higher than any other special municipalities as the top in Taiwan.

        After thanking the organizers and congratulating the mayors whose cities won the awards, Huang emotionally mentioned that her heart was filled with gratitude while being awarded. Happiness comes from diligence and effort made to solve problems. She was grateful to the Chiayi citizens for their recognition, and proclaimed that Chiayi City Government will continue the happiness in this small city with great energy.

        “Regional Happiness Survey 2021” shows that Chiayi City is placed 2nd in happiness by scoring 70.36 points and placed 1st in satisfaction of inhabitability, education, the government and life conditions by scoring 85.35.

        The survey on satisfaction towards local governments indicates that Chiayi City mayor Ming-hui Huang has been dedicating herself to the local for years. Chiayi City has held the “Top Stores in Chiayi City” event and distributed $2,000 cash for shopping to each citizen to stimulate the economy during COVID. The policies gained positive reviews from the citizens, which made Chiayi City score 83.9% in satisfaction levels to be the top 1.

        It’s been a decade since the “Regional Happiness Survey” was first organized by Economic Daily News. The survey consists of “statistics from the government” and “opinion poll” 2 parts, and each part accounts for 50 % of the evaluation. The objective statistics from the government and the subjective poll make the score of happiness. The poll was conducted on 16,805 people in total during August 16 and October 11. Mayors who attended the press included Ming-hui Huang the Chiayi City mayor, Yu-ih Hou the New Taipei City mayor, Wen-tsan Cheng the Taoyuan City mayor, Chih-Chien Lin the Hsinchu City mayor, Bruce Linghu the Taichung City vice-mayor, Feng-wei Lai the Penghu County mayor and Ching-ling Rao the Taitung County mayor.