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Yuren Elementary School wielding brushes for New Year of 2022

  • PostDate:2022-01-24

Yuren Elementary School wielding brushes for New Year of 2022 – tiger of fortune favors Yuren that has brilliant history of a half century


January 20, 2022

Education Department / Tourism and Information Department


        Yuren Elementary School held a calligraphy event for the 50-year anniversary where the students tried to write spring couplets before the coming Lunar New Year. Some local guests were invited to join and wrote spring couplets with the students to bring good wishes to the whole school. It was spectacular to see the whole school working on spring couplets, and the red paper on the desks filled up the festive atmosphere.

        Each of the guests wrote down one character which together read “The tiger of fortune favors Yuren that has brilliant history of a half century.” It’s been 50 years since Yuren was founded, and it’s been 7 years since the calligraphy event started. The event has become one of characteristic Yuren’s semester-end activities. The students learned and experienced the beauty of Chinese characters during the event which passed down the culture of traditional calligraphy, Chinese characters and Spring couplets. Most importantly, the event helps the school strengthen one’s self-restraint by introducing aesthetics of life.

        During the event today, the outdoor area of campus turned into a huge classroom for calligraphy. The youngest students were 5-year-old children from Yuren Affiliated Kindergarten who tried writing down “Chi (luck).” Those students felt extraordinarily hyped to try writing their own couplets which they declaimed to stick at the doors of their houses. It felt warm and festive to dive right into the red sea of spring couplets although it was quite chilly today. The students at that moment could relate to the image of “There can be no fragrant plum blossom without the continuous bitter cold,” and the fragrance of ink surpassed the fragrance of plum blossom.

        Calligraphy is one of the traditions and aesthetics of life, said Chia-hao Yang the Principal of Yuren Elementary School. It was a special experience to write spring couplets with other people and the traditional event allowed the students to learn about the beauty of characters and the traditional culture. Calligraphy can also strengthen one’s self-restraint. Many teachers as well as the parents in the school dedicate to teaching calligraphy. We can expect the cultural heritages to be maintained and the art of calligraphy to be passed down in Yuren.